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Bob Iger Blames Lack Of Executive Supervision For The Marvels Box Office Failure

In what I think is a rather loaded statement, Disney CEO Bob Iger blames lack of executive supervisions for The Marvels box office failure. There's no doubt Disney's 2023 has been a poor year overall

Kelsey Grammer Confident We’ll See Beast Again In MCU

Actor Kelsey Grammer is confident we'll see his Beast again in the MCU. In case you were unaware of this, SPOILERS for The Marvels here folks. Normally I'd assume anyone who cares has seen the

Marvel Studios Faces Critical Evaluation After ‘The Marvels’ Stumbles

In a surprising turn of events, Marvel Studios, typically the reigning superhero of the box office, is grappling with a sobering reality check following the lackluster performance of The Marvels. This cinematic setback marks a

What to Watch This Weekend – The Marvels

The Marvels is a story of three superheroes becoming a team. While hunting down rogue Kree fanatics hellbent on stealing other planets’ resources, Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel (Brie Larson) discovers a rift in the

Kevin Feige Coy On X-Men – Confirms No Star Wars Movie – Denies Discussing Returning Fallen Avengers

In an interview this week for The Marvels premiere, Marvel boss Kevin Feige was coy on X-Men questions, confirmed no Star Wars movie and denied discussing returning fallen Avengers at a recent retreat. In all

The Marvels Final Trailer Promises Movie Will Change Everything

Today we are sharing the recently released The Marvels final trailer which promises that the movie will change everything in the MCU. I'm not so sure about that! However, I will say this is a

Marvel Article From Variety Branded A Hit Piece And Rejected By Leaks Community | Barside Buzz

The recent Marvel article from Variety we covered extensively has been branded a hit piece and rejected by much of the leaks community and another trade. This is a complicated situation and I'm not telling

Kelsey Grammer’s Beast Rumored For Post-Credit Scene In The Marvels | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz Kelsey Grammer's Beast is rumored for a post-credit scene in The Marvels. The movie hits in a few weeks and we already know one of the post-credit scenes. Well,

The Marvels Final Runtime Confirmed – Shortest MCU Film To Date

The Marvels final runtime has been confirmed and as we suspected it's short, in fact it's the shortest MCU film to date. Previously we had many rumors around The Marvels having a short runtime, but

The Marvels Long Term Box Office Tracking Is Not Good

The Marvels long term box office tracking figures are out and, well, it's not good. The Marvels is the only remaining Marvel movie to hit theaters in 2023 and it comes on the heels of