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The Russos Interested In Directing Batman For DCU But Rumors Say Not The Next Movie

The Russos are interested in directing Batman for James Gunn's DCU they say. However recent rumors suggest that a director as already been found for The Brave and the Bold, the first Batman movie in

It Will Be 2030’s Before Russo Brothers Work For Marvel Again

In a recent interview the Russo brothers say it'll be the 2030's before they have a chance to work with Marvel Studios again. The Russos obviously are well known for directing both Avengers: Infinity War

The Russos Indicate They Will Be Back In The MCU At Some Point And Tease The Kind Of Projects That Would Bring Them Back

Currently pursuing other projects, the Russo Brothers have said before that they could be tempted back to the MCU. One of the stories they have previously said would interest them, for example, is Secret Wars.

A Mystery Franchise, What X-Men They’d Love To Work On, And How Long They’ve Known About Tony Stark’s Fate – Russo Brother AMA Round Up

The Russo's are taking a well-earned break from Marvel Studios and the MCU right now, after guiding the ending of the Infinity Saga to its conclusion and breaking box office records in the process. The

Russo Bros Talk New Film Cherry And New Production Company AGBO | SDCC 2019

The Russo Brothers are a pretty big name right now after not only helming the biggest films of the last two years, but perhaps the biggest film of all time if Avengers: Endgame passes Avatar.

Endgame Directors The Russo Brothers Announce Their Own Panel At San Diego Comic-Con This Year

Most fanboys and fangirls are excited to see what comes next for the MCU when Marvel takes to the stage in only 8 days’ time at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Marvel is back in

The Russo Brothers Are Developing A Stan Lee Documentary

It still stings that Stan Lee is no longer with us. I had really hoped he would get to see Avengers: Endgame and the completion of a masterpiece saga filled with his creations. Stan Lee has