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It’s Official: The Way Of Kings Prime Is Getting An Audiobook!

A few weeks back, we shared the exciting news that The Way of Kings Prime could be getting an audiobook. This announcement came from Brandon Sanderson himself through a livestream — but it would only

More ‘Sanderson Curiosities’ Like Way Of Kings Prime Likely On The Way

Want more of the Brandon Sanderson Curiosities? You may get them! Earlier this year, Brandon Sanderson surprised many fans when he announced he would be releasing The Way of Kings Prime. This wasn’t just a

Stormlight Archive 5: Dalinar Kholin ‘Cover Would Be Appropriate For Next Book’ Says Brandon Sanderson

The Stormlight Archive 5 could feature Dalinar Kholin on the cover. If you’ve been following the release of Rhythm of War, the fourth book in the Stormlight Archive, you’ve likely seen cover artist Michael Whelan

The Way Of Kings Cover Does NOT Feature Dalinar Kholin, But That Conflicts With What The Author Says

Think The Way of Kings cover features Dalinar? Think again. There’s something magical about book covers. There’s a lot of work that goes into them, as they need to portray a lot about the story it’s

The Rhythm Of War Cover Finally Puts This Stormlight Archive Character Front-And-Center!

Rhythm of War -- the fourth book in The Stormlight Archive -- finally has a cover! It’s kind of crazy, but after three books, one of the main three characters has yet to grace the cover

The Way Of Kings Leatherbound Edition Timeline And Production Update

Earlier this month, the Kickstarter officially ended for The Way Of Kings. Marking the tenth anniversary of the novel’s publication, Brandon Sanderson’s first volume of The Stormlight Archive would continue the tradition of getting a

Brandon Sanderson Gives Update On Dawnshard Novella: ‘I’m Loving Writing This Stormlight Novella’

The Dawnshard novella has hit the three-quarter mark! Brandon Sanderson may have raised nearly $7 million for a leatherbound edition of a ten-year-old book, but the dude is still churning out new content on the daily.

Rhythm Of War German Cover Revealed — But What Does It Portray?

The Rhythm of War German cover surfaces. Big book launches are always fun to keep an eye on. Not only do we have updates from the author and publisher on various fronts, but we can’t help

Rhythm Of War U.S. Cover Is Complete — But When Will We See It?

The Rhythm of War cover has been finished by artist Michael Whelan. Now, we wait. The production of Rhythm of War is moving along nicely. Earlier this week, we reported on the news that author

Dawnshard Novella Prologue Is Coming Out Today — Here’s How You Can Read It

The Dawnshard prologue is nearing. Here's how you can get it. Have you been busy reading the new chapters for Rhythm of War? Unlike a lot of authors, Brandon Sanderson isn’t shy about sharing a lot