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Top Gun: Jon Hamm Says Film Is Shot In 6K And Will Be Mostly Practical

Every few weeks I forget we're getting another Top Gun movie in the form of Top Gun: Maverick, and every few weeks there is a little piece of news that reminds me. While it is

Tom Cruise Reportedly Delays Top Gun Sequel Filming To Learn To Fly A Fighter Jet

No matter how you feel about Tom Cruise when it comes to Scientology, you can't deny the dedication the actor has to his films. In the Mission: Impossible franchise, Cruise has made it a tradition to perform

Miles Teller Joins Top Gun: Maverick As Goose’s Son

Looks like the upcoming Top Gun sequel may be taking a page out of Creed's playbook. According to a new report from Deadline, Whiplash star Miles Teller will be joining the Top Gun: Maverick. His

Val Kilmer Is Back As ‘Iceman’ In Top Gun 2

The production of Top Gun 2 got underway this week, as you will be aware if you read our report linked in the related section below. Tom Cruise, unsurprisingly, is back in his role of

Top Gun 2 Begins Production, Tom Cruise Celebrates With Photo

There was talk of a Top Gun 2 for years without anything ever materializing, but now it's official. Top Gun 2 has started production. Here is the tweet from Mr. Tom Cruise himself about starting day one

Top Gun Sequel To Shoot This Summer

In 1986 Paramount took us on a journey to The Top Gun Fighter Weapons School in the classic film Top Gun. Here the hotshot overconfident fighter pilot Maverick played by Tom Cruise is sent to

Top Gun: Maverick – Character Breakdowns Hit For High-Flying Sequel!

As Tom Cruise’s Maverick gets ready to return to the skies to fight the good fight in Top Gun: Maverick, a breakdown of the characters for the sequel to the 1986 hit has surfaced on

The Top Gun Sequel Has An Official Title, And It’s Not Just “Top Gun 2”

Yes, after threatening us with a sequel for what seems like over a decade, the second Top Gun film is even closer to coming to fruition. Tom Cruise is officially coming back and Val Kilmer is