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Cast Surprises Fans at F9 Fan Event

With sweltering heat across the United States, F9 is gearing up to be one of the hottest movies this summer. In a special fan event for the anticipated blockbuster film F9 in Los Angeles, hundreds

F9 Races A Bit Later in Theaters This Summer

https://youtu.be/3jj2zjaIFHc After numerous false starts due to the pandemic, Universal Pictures’ F9 may see the finish line with theaters re-opening this summer. Just in case, the studio moved the release date by a few weeks

Valiant Showcases Vin Diesel On Its FCBD Offering

As the Bloodshot movie starring Vin Diesel is about to be released in China on July 24th, the action star is appearing on the FCDB offering from Valiant Comics Wednesday July 22nd. The Bloodshot story

Vin Diesel Says Steven Spielberg Believes It’s A ‘Crime Of Cinema’ That Diesel Doesn’t Direct More

Apparently Vin Diesel has skills that extend beyond acting. No, I'm talking about his breakdancing (if you don't know what I am referring to, I'd head over to YouTube after you read this article), or

Sony Pictures Pushes Back Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot One Month Back

The Valiant Entertainment character, Bloodshot, that first made is comic book appearance in 1992 will have to wait another month to make his big screen debut as Sony Pictures has announced that the Vin Diesel

Valiant Entertainment’s 2020 FCBD Cover Features Vin Diesel’s Bloodshot

We still are about half a month away from starting a new decade and we already have a cover for 2020's edition of Free Comic Book Day that takes place on May 2nd, 2020. Thanks

New Bloodshot Trailer From Sony Pictures Is Finally Here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vOUVVDWdXbo Valiant Entertainment fans have been waiting a long time for the first look at one of their most beloved characters from the Valiant Universe, Bloodshot. Right at midnight on Monday, Sony Pictures Entertainment released

Vin Diesel Gives Us Our First Look At Ray Garisson In Sony’s Bloodshot

One of my top three characters in the Valiant Universe is without a doubt Bloodshot, aka Ray Garrison. Especially after what comic book writer Jeff Lemire was able to do with the character in their

Production On Sony’s Bloodshot Officially Starts In South Africa

When you think of Sony Pictures Entertainment, Spider-man is the only hero that comes to mind as far as superhero films. But there is another universe that looks to change that. According to Vin Diesel's

Action-Comedy To Star Vin Diesel

Are you a fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, or xXx?    If so, be ready to see some more Vin Diesel.  The actor's latest role will not only be an action, but a