Vin Diesel Gives Us Our First Look At Ray Garisson In Sony’s Bloodshot

One of my top three characters in the Valiant Universe is without a doubt Bloodshot, aka Ray Garrison. Especially after what comic book writer Jeff Lemire was able to do with the character in their

Villains For Warner Bros. New Gods Film Revealed

In the early 1970 legendary comic book creator Jack Kirby had a falling out with Marvel Comics which compelled him to move to DC Comics and create The Fourth World giving birth to The New

Christopher McQuarrie Says The Rumors Of Him Turning Down DC Films Aren’t True

The internet went nuts yesterday as news got around that Mission Impossible: Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie is set to direct a number of future films in the franchise. LRM's own Nick Doll was as excited

Sam Jackson Lists The Top 5 Characters That He Has Played Samuel L. Jackson has portrayed some of the most memorable and iconic characters in cinema history. Being part of some of the larger franchises ever. Jackson, who turned 70 last month has been an

Chris Evans, Tom Holland, And Other Big Names Join Netflix’s The Devil All The Time

Two Avengers, a vampire, a clown, Alice, and a future Little Woman will be appearing together on your television screen in the near future. On Netflix's "news about Netflix" Twitter account (@seewhatsnext), they announced their upcoming

Anne Hathaway To Star In Robert Zemeckis’ Adaptation Of Roald Dahl’s The Witches

Robert Zemeckis' latest film Welcome to Marwen may not have been a huge hit with critics, but that hasn't stopped the Back to the Future helmer from moving on to another beloved property -- this

Live-Action Hunchback Of Notre Dame Movie Potentially Starring Josh Gad In The Works

Over the past several years, Disney has become a box office juggernaut with their blockbuster movies. From their animation, their Marvel films, their Star Wars films, and their live-action work, there seems to be no

Bird Box Spin-Off? This One Actor Wants To Make It Happen

While Netflix has a pretty solid track record with their series taking root in pop culture, their feature films haven't been nearly as impactful for audiences. Even some of their really big movies like Bright

The Best Scenes From Back To The Future | Best Scenes Seen On Screen

Welcome to LRM Scenes. In each installment of this collaborative column, we will present our favorite scenes from a particular movie, from a notable director’s catalog, or the theme may be something different altogether. These

Jumanji Sequel Cast Continues To Grow With New Addition

One half of the dynamic duo from Lethal Weapons Riggs and Murtaugh has signed on to act in the new Jumanji film, as Deadline reports. Yes, fans, we will get to see Danny Glover in