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The First Omen Trailer and Poster Sets Up Prequel to Famed Franchise

The 1976 film Omen is one of the best horror stories about a demon child, starring Gregory Peck. The franchise had a couple of sequels and even a remake in 2006, but The First Omen

White Men Can’t Jump… Still…

The 1990's were filled with classic basketball movies; Space Jam, Hoop Dreams, He Got Game, and Above The Rim are just a few. White Men Can't Jump is one of those films in that combined

Darby And The Dead Review | Mean Girls Meets The Sixth Sense In Hulu Film

Darby and the Dead from 20th Century Studios is now available to stream on Hulu. This is a supernatural teen comedy that focuses on a high school student that has the ability to talk to

Hellraiser Review | David Bruckner’s Artistic Direction On A Gruesome Classic

Hellraiser is back with a new direction from director David Bruckner. He is no stranger to horror having directed The Night House, The Ritual, V/H/S, and others throughout the years. Now he takes on Clive

The Next Chapter Of Planet Of The Apes To Begin Production Next Month

The next chapter of the Planet of The Apes franchise is getting set to start production next month according to Walt Disney Studios. The film is titled Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes from

Prey Is Hulu’s #1 Premiere To Date

Lots of praise going around for Prey from 20th Century Studios. The Predator prequel is being put on lists close to the original film above several of the other franchise films by fans. So it

Amsterdam Trailer | Get A Look At This Star Studded Cast For An Original Crime Epic

Amsterdam, the highly anticipated film from writer/director David O. Russell has released its first trailer today. The film features an A-List cast that is sure to have many people intrigued to take a peek this

The Bob’s Burgers Movie | Digital And Blu-ray Release Announced

Bob's Burgers became one of the most watched animated series of all time. The show has lasted twelve seasons which include over two-hundred episodes.  You can now include a full length feature film to that

Barbarian Trailer | You Thought Your Air BnB Was Bad? This One Is Deadly

Today 20th Century Studios released the trailer for their upcoming horror-thriller, Barbarian. Renting places has become very popular these last few years. It can benefit both the traveler and the landlord that wants to make

Prey Trailer | 20th Century Studios Announces That Film Will Be Available In Comanche As A Language Option

This August will be the release of the action thriller, Prey. This is will be the latest installment in the Predator franchise. Thirty-five years after its original release back in 1987, audiences will be taken