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Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom Is The Title Of Aquaman 2

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is the title of Aquaman 2 as revealed by director James Wan on Instagram. Being that this is the first Aquaman sequel we didn't know if WB would go with

Aquaman 2 Writer Says To Look To The Silver Age For Hints At Where The Sequel May Go

One of the few bright spots of DC and WB's big-screen efforts, Aquaman, will eventually, at some point have a sequel film. Most everything that was in production is on hiatus due to the current

Aquaman 2 Gets 2022 Release Date From Warner Bros.

Aquaman has come and gone for Warner Bros., and the movie went on to exceed everyone's expectations in terms of the box office haul. In addition to breaking $1 billion in ticket sales, it also

Writer Hired To Take On Warner Bros. Aquaman Sequel

It's been one hell of a ride for Aquaman since it's release in December. The James Wan directed Warner Bros. film that focuses on the king of Atlantis has had an amazing run in theaters.

Aquaman: Who Jason Momoa Would Want To Show Up In A Sequel

At the beginning of this whole DC Extended Universe deal, Warner Bros. seemed ready to throw in the entire kitchen sink into their films. In addition to the titular stars of Batman v Superman, it

Aquaman Director James Wan Still Not Signed On For Sequel

  Aquaman was kind of a risk for Warner Bros. When it comes to their DC films, in the past, they have largely relied almost solely on the brand power of heavy hitters like Batman