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Disney Finally Announces Those Marvel Delays Plus Big Avatar Delays Also

We've been covering the rumors of this for a while, and it was just a case of waiting. Now, Disney has finally announced those rumored big Marvel delays. Additionally, Disney announces Avatar delays for all

Cameron Confirms Avatar 4 & 5 Will Be Made After Success Of The Way Of Water

James Cameron confirms that Avatar 4 & 5 will be made after the success of The Way of Water at the box office. Cameron had always stated that although Avatar 2 & 3 were shot

Avatar Sequels Producer Compares Franchise To The Lord Of The Rings, Gives Plot Details!

Yes, it’s coming. Believe it or not, the Avatar sequels are coming. They’ve faced developmental delays, technological difficulties, coronavirus delays, but they are coming. Personally, I’m more interested to seeing whether or not audiences will

Avatar: What James Cameron Has Been Doing Since 2013 To Make These Movies

It’s taken a hot minute for the Avatar sequels to get made. Actually, it’s still taking a hot minute for the Avatar sequels to get made, as the first one is still a solid two

Avatar Sequels Will Mostly Not Be In HFR

Remember HFR? High-frame-rate? Remember when that was supposed to be the next big thing in filmmaking? Peter Jackson really pushed the format with the release of the first Hobbit film, and claimed that it was

Avatar Sequels Will Be Standalone Experiences

It's an eternal struggle in any storytelling medium to be both accessible for newcomers and fulfilling enough for those who have been around from the very beginning. This is especially true for huge epics that

Avatar Sequels To Take Place Entirely On Pandora

When it comes to sequels, there is always the temptation to go bigger and better. If a first film takes place in one location, it's often the case that a filmmaker will take the next

Avatar: Sequels To Film Live-Action Portions Starting This Spring

Man, I thought the Avatar sequels (and by sequels, I mean Avatar 2 and 3) had already finished filming. While I knew a sizable chunk of it would be performance capture, I thought they managed

Disney Hasn’t Greenlit Avatar 4 And 5 Yet

In case you needed another reminder at how many big properties Disney has under their control, I now present the Avatar franchise, whose first film is still the reigning king of the box office. In

RUMOR: Titles For Avatars Four Sequels Revealed?

For the better part of a decade, filmmaker James Cameron has teased the sequels to the 2009 hit Avatar, a flick that went on to become the highest grossing movie of all time, beating out