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RDJ Happy To Return To Marvel In The Future If Feige Asks

In a recent interview RDJ says he's happy to return to Marvel as Tony Stark, if Kevin Feige asks him to do it. RDJ, or Robert Downey Jr. to give him his Sunday name of

Sam Raimi Not Working On Any Marvel Films But He’s Keen If Asked

In two separate interviews Sam Raimi confirms he's not working on any Marvel films right now, but he is keen if asked to again. Raimi of course most recently directed Doctor Strange in the Multiverse

Venom 3 Is The Last Dance Until Secret Wars – Blade No Longer Period Film | Barside Buzz

Two new pieces of Marvel Barside Buzz, one says Venom 3 is The Last Dance, at least till Secret Wars and the other says Blade is no longer a period film. Let's start with Venom

Hugh Jackman Has Condition For Being In Secret Wars | Barside Buzz

According to some Barside Buzz Hugh Jackman has a condition for being in Avengers: Secret Wars. Though, I have to say I'm not sure I buy this rumor for once. The information comes from MTTSH

Scarlet Witch Movie Will Happen Post-Avengers 5 Or Avengers: Secret Wars | Barside Buzz

According to some recent Barside Buzz a Scarlet Witch movie will happen either post-Avengers 5 or Avengers: Secret Wars. The question of whether Wanda Maximoff would return was never really in question. I mean there

Midnight Sons – Thunderbolts – Avengers 5 And Secret Wars Rumors | Barside Buzz

The latest round of Marvel Barside Buzz has some Thunderbolts, Midnight Sons , Avengers 5 and Secret Wars rumors to mull over. The info comes from Daniel RPK on Patreon. However some of what is

Disney Theatrical Slate – Marvel Edition

Folks we have a Disney theatrical slate update from yesterday, and we're breaking it down, this is the Marvel Edition. You can find the Star Wars edition posted alongside this article on the front page,

John David Washington In Running For Kang Plus Iron Fist Return | Barside Buzz

The latest Marvel Barside Buzz says John David Washington in the running for Kang, plus a possible Iron Fist return to the MCU. The rumors come from Daniel RPK on his Patreon service and RPK

Details On Avengers: The Kang Dynasty – Why Loveness Was Replaced – What Will Change | Barside Buzz

The Barside Buzz has details on the movie formerly called Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, why Jeff Loveness was replaced and what will change now. The information comes from Daniel RPK on his Patreon service. RPK

Thunderbolts Could Lose Another Cast Member And Fantastic Four Eyeing March Production | Barside Buzz

Some new Barside Buzz to share, including Thunderbolts could lose another actor and Fantastic Four eyeing March for production, plus more. The information today comes form the latest edition of The Hot Mic with John