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Cillian Murphy Always Believed Christian Bale Would Be Cast As Batman Over Himself

Though he had a screen test to play Batman before being cast as Scarecrow, Cillian Murphy never considered himself  a contender to wear the cowl. Before we move on, watch said screen test now, via

Michael Caine Holds Batman Begins As One Of The Best Things He’s Ever Done

The legendary Michael Caine has a film career that spans six decades, over 130 films, and two Academy Awards. The actor has been in some highly-acclaimed films over the years, but one film he includes

Blade Runner And Batman Begins Star Rutger Hauer Has Passed Away

Legendary film star Rutger Hauer, best known for his role in the sci-fi classic Blade Runner, has passed away. Hauer's agent, Steve Kenis, confirmed to the media that Hauer passed away after a short illness on

THE LOST EPISODE: Top 5 Superhero Origin Films | LRM Ranks It

https://youtu.be/tPrCyrFFSK4 Welcome to LRM Ranks It. The show where we rank movies, TV shows, video games, and everything else in geek and pop culture. This weekly show gives you an insight to the thoughts and

Live-Action Batman Films Ranked Worst To Best | LRM Ranks It

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Darren Aronofsky Talks Differences Between His Batman: Year One Concept And Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins

For those that don't know, before Batman Begins became a thing with Christopher Nolan, it began its life as an adaptation of Batman: Year One with Darren Aronofsky and Frank Miller involved in screenwriting. The