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Bob Odenkirk Rumored For Secret Role In Marvel’s Wonder Man | Barside Buzz

Better Call Saul star Bob Odenkirk is rumored for a secret role within Marvel's Wonder Man series. We shared the news this week that Yahya Abdul-Mateen II would be leading the show as Simon Williams,

Better Call Saul Finale: A Sublime End To The Best TV Show Ever Made

Last night I watched the Better Call Saul finale, almost 24 hours after most fans Stateside watched it. After watching such a sublime finale wrap up this entire TV universe that's been created, it is worth

Better Call Saul Is The Last In The Breaking Bad Universe Says Vince Gilligan

In a recent interview with Deadline, creator Vince Gilligan says Better Call Saul is the last show in the Breaking Bad Universe. Better Call Saul's series finale is next week and Gilligan has no plans

Three Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows To Lead Us Into Summer

Three binge-worthy Netflix shows to lead us into Summer! Summer is right around the corner! It seems like yesterday we were just beginning 2022! Yet here we are. While many of us are making our

Better Call Saul Writer Working On A Marvel Project? | Barside Buzz

This one really is a Barside Buzz. A new rumor has emerged of a Better Call Saul writer working on a Marvel project as head writer/ The writer in question is Marion Dayre. A Reddit

Bob Odenkirk Rushed To Hospital On Better Call Saul Shoot

As reported by Deadline, Bob Odenkirk rushed to hospital after collapsing whilst shooting Better Call Saul. The shoot is taking place in New Mexico right now for the final season of the critically acclaimed show.

Better Call Saul Showrunner Is Worried For Kim Wexler In Season 6

If Better Call Saul showrunner is worried about Kim Wexler in Season 6, then we should all be worried. Better Call Saul is exquisite TV, it's that simple. And we know that the upcoming Season

Better Call Saul’s EP Teasing Possible Breaking Bad Appearances – If The Story Allows

Better Call Saul's EP teasing possible Breaking Bad appearances in the final season for Jesse and Walt. However, only if the story they are writing will allow for it. Read on for more details. Better

Better Call Saul Will Conclude With An Extended Final Season

It’s happening, folks. It’s taken several years, but Better Call Saul is approaching its final season. The fifth and penultimate season of the Breaking Bad spinoff has aired, leaving audiences with plenty to contemplate before

LRM Recommends What To Watch During The COVID-19 Quarantine!

[caption id="attachment_157257" align="aligncenter" width="2560"] Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash[/caption] Now that all geeks have been brought fully down to my level of couch-potato due to the COVID-19 self-quarantine (you know what I’m talking about), what