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Star Wars: 6 Underground Star Gets A Lead Role On Cassian Andor Star Wars Show

The Cassian Andor Star Wars show should really be further along. However, like most live-action productions, things have been delayed. It looks as though the pieces are finally moving ahead though. According to Deadline, who

Enfys Nest In The Cassian Andor Show Rumor? | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Today we have a rumor that seems to place the character Enfys Nest in the Cassian Andor show. Enfys Nest first appeared in Solo and it turned out that he was a she, and not

Star Wars: Two Rogue One Actors Are In Talks For Cassian Andor Show

Two Rogue One actors are in talks for Cassian Andor show? Not unexpected news, I think it's fair to say. Read on for more details. It seems Star Wars characters Bail Organa (Jimmy Smits) and

Star Wars: Diego Luna Understands The Challenge Facing The Cassian Andor Show

I think most fans understand the challenge facing the Cassian Andor show. It's the same challenge that faces all prequels, we already know what happens later. Cassian Andor is dead, K-S20 is dead and the

How Far Along Cassian Andor Was Before COVID-19 Shut Things Down | LRM’s Barside Buzz

A little update on the Cassian Andor series. Quite understandably, Lucasfilm has been fairly secretive with the progress of their series. Yes, we got word about the Obi-Wan Kenobi series’ production getting “delayed,” but we

Cassian Andor Star Wars Series To Bring Back Other Characters! – This Fan Hopes For Krennic

The Cassian Andor Star Wars Series is currently on hold, same as every other production out there. However, Cassian Andor has not yet begun production and there were rumors of delays even before the Coronavirus

Alan Tudyk Confirms He Will Return As K-2SO In Cassian Andor Series To Air On Disney+

As most of you are already well aware of, the second-ever live-action Star Wars television series is on its way. From what I understand the series will bring us some espionage from a galaxy far,

Tony Gilroy To Write Pilot For Rogue One Series, Direct Multiple Episodes

While most every Star Wars fan is focused on either The Mandalorian or Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker (for me it's a little from Column A and little from Column B), we must not forget