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Black Adam May Have Found His Adversary For Upcoming Film

Shazam turned out to be a pretty entertaining movie (with Zachary Levi stealing the show), but a majority of fans were hoping for even a small cameo of Dwayne The Rock Johnson's Black Adam.  Unfortunately,

Cyborg Film Still On For 2020?

The future of DC looks more promising than the past. The recent trailers for both Aquaman and Shazam! seem to be pushing the studio is a new direction. We have been receiving lots of DC

Momoa And Heard Give Details On Aquaman

I'll admit it, I actually don't mind DC movies.  Now before I am burned at the stake, I am not saying they are great, or that they are better than Marvel movies, I just somewhat

An Official Synopsis for DC’s Aquaman

The trailer for DC's next big screen adventure, Aquaman, is set to debut later this week at San Diego Comic-Con. Before that happens, an official synopsis for the film has been released, you can check

Leaked Footage Shows Zachary Levi’s Shazam in Action

While we are on the verge of San Diego Comic-Con, where us fans are sure to get some nerdy goodness in the form of trailers and other promotional material, today we receive an early treat

First Pictures Of Djimon Honsou As The Fisherman King In Aquaman

Fans are eager to see the upcoming trailer for James Wan's Aquaman starring Jason Momoa at SDCC next week. This will be the first DCEU movie released since the epic failure of Justice League. As

Kevin Feige’s Advice For The DCEU

Kevin Feige has helped to build a shared universe that has become the gold standard by which all other shared universes will be measured. In a recent interview with ScreenRant, the man behind Marvel gave

Wonder Woman 1984 Set Photo With Gal Gadot And Chris Pine

[caption id="attachment_108284" align="alignnone" width="1000"] Fanboys and Fangirls were sent into a bit of a frenzy regarding speculation concerning a recent Instagram photo from the set of Wonder Woman 1984.[/caption] As you can see below, aside

Zack Snyder Provides Details Of Alternative Motherbox Backstory In Justice League

We all know by now that whatever plans Zack Snyder initially had for Justice League were thrown out the window, when he left the project and Joss Whedon was brought in to finish the movie.

Michael C. Hall Interested In Playing Batman

As far as us fans know, Ben Affleck is still Batman, that may change by the end of the day or possibly by the end of this article. What we do know is that Matt