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Paramount+’s At Midnight Reveals Teaser Art and Trailer for Rom-Com in Mexico | TCA 2023

Diego Boneta and Monica Barbaro lead an original movie At Midnight, for Paramount+. The pair is in attendance with director Jonah Feingold at the Television Critics Association 2023 to present the teaser trailer for the

Die In A Gunfire | Collin Schiffli Talks About The Film Not Being A Romeo And Juliet Story [Exclusive Interview]

Collin Schiffli is the director of the new film Die In A Gunfire. Starring Alexandra Daddario as Diego Boneta. They both bring a love story with action and humor.  https://youtu.be/1kw7Nv1mIF8   The Synopsis  In Die

Die in a Gunfight Clip Shows Romanticism Between Alexandra Daddario and Diego Boneta

In any story similar to William Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, nothing ends well with two romantic lovers from opposite families. As the title suggests, Die in a Gunfight, sounds like another forbidden love that’ll end

New Order Trailer Triggers A Violent Revolt Against The Rich and Wealthy

The dystopian civil war seems like it’ll break out at any moment in real life with New Order. With tensions, protests, and revolts happening around the world, Michel Franco’s international movie New Order pits the

Luis Miguel: The Series Season Two Trailer Continues The Life Story of Mexican Singer

Luis Miguel, El Sol de Mexico, fascinates his audiences with his music and his life. Netflix released the trailer for the Spanish-language Luis Miguel: The Series starring the multi-talented Diego Boneta. For the second season,

Diego Boneta Talks About His Action Packed Role In Monster Hunter [Exclusive Interview]

Sony Pictures Monster Hunter is now playing in theaters. The film is based on the popular Capcom video game that goes by the same name. It is directed by Paul W. S. Anderson. He is