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Echo Producer Teases Kingpin As The Thanos Of Street Level MCU

Echo producer Brad Winderbaum teases Kingpin as the Thanos of the Street Level MCU in a recent interview. Kingpin has appeared so far in both Hawkeye and soon to be released Echo. However, the character

Marvel’s Future Arcs – Mature Projects – Quality – Devil’s Reign – Hulks And Tech – Young Avengers – Witches & Vampires – Kang | Barside Buzz

This pre-festive Barside Buzz deals with Marvel's future arcs, including the likes of mature projects, quality over quantity, Devil's Reign, Hulks and Stark Tech, Young Avengers, Witches & Vampires and whatever happens with Kang. That

Echo Confirmed Now To Debut In January 2024 Just As Reported By Trades

A small piece of official news today as Echo is now confirmed to debut in January 2024. This is exactly what was reported recently by trade THR. To be fair,, there was never much doubt..

Echo Reportedly Not Delayed And Will Still Drop In November | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Echo is reportedly NOT delayed and will still drop on November 29th. Yesterday we shared some speculation that Echo may be delayed because the show did not appear on

Deadpool 3 And Echo May Be Delayed On Disney’s New Slate

It's looking like both Deadpool 3 and Echo may be delayed. Neither project appeared where they were supposed to in Disney's new slate. That new slate was shown as Disney CEO Bob Iger spoke earlier

Daredevil Not In Echo Much But Will Wear Suit More Like Netflix | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz, Daredevil is not in Echo all that much, but he will apparently wear a suit more like his Netflix design. This information all comes from Daniel RPK's Patreon service.

Indiana Jones Movies Coming To Disney+ Alongside Loki Season 2 And Echo Release Dates

Some hot Disney+ news broke over the last 24 hours. The Indiana Jones movies are finally coming to Disney+. The Mouse also revealed release dates for Loki Season 2 and Echo. Though with Echo, there's

D’Onofrio Seemingly Confirms Daredevil: Born Again Season 2 – Plus Kingpin’s Plan Rumored In Barside Buzz

Vincent D'Onofrio seemingly confirms we're getting a Daredevil: Born Again Season 2. Plus we have some Barside Buzz around Kingpin's plan in the MCU. First however, let's get to the verifiable news. In a recent

Echo Now Rumored To Be Delayed Till Early 2024 | Barside Buzz

Recently we heard officially that there was a delay in Echo. However Echo is now rumored to be delayed till early 2024!  Showrunner Marion Dayre confirmed we'd see Echo in roughly a year's time back

Marvel’s Echo Gets Delayed Confirms Showrunner

Marvel's Echo series gets delayed confirms the showrunner Marion Dayre in a recent podcast appearance. Dayre was a guest on The Writers Panel talking about her career and how she has made it this far.