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Funimation & Crunchyroll Merger Complete: Content Now On Crunchyroll- When You Should Cancel Your Funimation Account

The Funimation And Crunchyroll merger is complete. But how did we get here? Well, the Anime streaming wars began to heat up with Netflix stepping up their game with originals like Beastars and gaining rights

Attack On Titan | A Chat With The English Voices Of Eren, Armin, And Mikasa [Exclusive]

While some fans have been enjoying the subtitled version of Attack on Titan, others have been patiently waiting for the English dubbed version of the beloved anime. Lucky for them, the much anticipated English SimulDub

Sabikui Bisco’s English Dub Cast Announced

Sabikui Bisco, or Rust-Eater Bisco, is an amazing anime that’s filled with so much craziness in every episode, I’ve needed a second watch for them all. But, luckily, I’m starting to get my bearings with

Get Into The Romantic Spirit With Some Romance Anime On Funimation

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and that means enjoying some romance to warm the heart during the cold Winter. And I think the best way to enjoy this holiday isn’t in a crowded restaurant, it’s

Sing A Bit Of Harmony | Jordan Dash Cruz And Ian Sinclair On Rekindling Friendships

As we grow up friendships always change. Sometimes from immature decisions or just developing different personalities that are no longer compatible. Sometimes they just take time to come back. Other times you need a little

Sing A Bit Of Harmony | Megan Shipman Brina Palencia and Risa Mei Talk About This Timely Feature Anime [Exclusive Interview]

There are times that a film seems to drop at the right time. This is the case for Funimation's Sing A Bit Of Harmony. This is a feature anime film currently in theaters. Anime seems

My Senpai Is Annoying Review: A Fun Slice Of Life Anime

When I was looking at Funimation’s Fall 2021 lineup, there were a few shows that jumped out at me. Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi or My Senpai is Annoying looked fun and cute. This

Check out Funimation’s Winter 2022 Anime Season Slate!

Funimation’s Winter 2022 anime season slate is here! The Winter season lineup is bringing in some new and some popular returning anime coming out that you’ve been waiting for! So for some new anime premiering,

One Piece | A Fun Conversation With The Voice of Monkey D. Luffy Colleen Clinkenbeard Ahead Of Episode 1000 [Exclusive Interview]

Today is the big day for Toei Animation’s One Piece as it debuts episode 1000. The journey that started in October of 1999 has reached an impressive milestone. Since then Monkey D. Luffy’s journey has

One Piece | Mike McFarland And Eric Vale On Making It To 1000 Episodes [Exclusive Interview]

If you are a fan of the anime One Piece, it's a very well-known fact that this Saturday, November 20th, is a historic evening as the ever-popular animated series will hit episode 1000. It’s produced