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Chick Flick | Louise Linton on the Comedy of Online Dating

The saying goes, “There are plenty of fish in the sea.” It’s more like there are plenty of imperfect men out there in the dating pool. The comedy Chick Flick mocks the dating environment of

Welcome to Redville | Isaac H. Eaton and Sabrina Haskett on Small Town Purgatory

Small towns in America are both alluring and boring to some people. It can represent a slice of heaven and hell at the same time. For one couple in Welcome to Redville, being stuck in

Bootyology | Joe Eddy, Spencer Yaras, and Chris Lightbody on Making a Mockumentary on Music and Butts

There is an obsession with buttocks in rap music. Spencer Yaras and Chris Lightbody made fun of this music trend years ago. Now, with director Joe Eddy, they crafted a narrative comedic film, Bootyology, that

Gringa | E.J. Foerster and Manny Eng on Directing in Mexico

Directors E.J. Foerster and Manny Eng leaped at the opportunity to helm Gringa, knowing it would be filmed in Mexico. The family drama of an American running away to find her father at a Mexican

Tory Kittles Talks About Playing Flawed Characters Like In Among The Beasts | Exclusive

Among The Beasts challenges actor Tory Kittles to portray a character that has to pass his personal trauma to save a life. https://youtu.be/J_3c-oz2TEQ The Synopsis When the daughter of a criminal enlists the help of

It Snows All the Time | Erich Hover Interview

For Erich Hover, It Snows All the Time is a personal story as he watched his father wither away with dementia. As an actor and filmmaker, he dedicated himself to retelling his story in the

Triple Threat | Stacey Maltin, Margarita “Mars” Zhitnikova and Jay DeYonker Interview [Exclusive]

Relationships and family dynamics are certainly non-traditional in the 21st century as proven in the musical drama Triple Threat. The two-storied musical drama follows the paths of three friends as they develop a musical play

Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone | Kuno Becker Interview [Exclusive]

In anticipation of Latino superheroes in big-budget films, small indie comic book films already made their mark in the community in the past few years with Green Ghost and the Masters of the Stone helping

Green Ghost And The Masters Of The Stone | Nuevo Trailer Con El Piolin

El Piolín hace aparición en la pantalla grande en Green Ghost And The Masters Of The Stone como el conductor de El Show De Piolín.  La película perfecta para los fans de lucha libre con

Win a Trip to Browntown! | George A. Tramountanas Interview [Exclusive]

George A. Tramountanas never wanted to stray around the sexual vice top of anal sex. Particularly, it became the primary subject for his comedy Win a Trip to Browntown! The topic becomes front-and-center with Tramountanas