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Jimmi Simpson On The Mistrust Between Green Arrow And John Stewart | SDCC 2022 [Exclusive Interview]

One of the most classic friendships in DC Comics is the one between Oliver Queen aka Green Arrow and Hal Jordan aka Green Lantern. The color probably brought them together right? Probably not as we

New Comic Wednesday January 9, 2019: The Comic Source Podcast Episode #671

In this episode we discuss; New Comic Wednesday January 9, 2019 The Comic Source Podcast Episode #671   Jace takes a spoiler free look at some of the titles hitting stands today. Plus he gives

Charlie Hunnam Rumored To Be In The Running For Green Arrow In DCEU

Well, this is pretty interesting. For the past few years, we've seen the DC Extended Universe slowly morph and twist as fans start to vote with their wallet. Fans voted they didn't like the Zack

Green Arrow v. Hawkeye, Solomon Grundy v. The Hulk | Inspiration Or Ripoff?

Welcome back to our fourth installment of Inspiration or Rip-off!  Last week we looked at The Flash/Quicksilver and Doom Patrol/X-Men.  Next week will be the fifth installment which will compare Superman/Shazam/Captain Marvel/Ms. Marvel which will