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Nope | Global Press Conference

The popular sci-fi, horror film Nope held a global press conference in the middle of July in part of promoting the release. Among those participating was of course the creator Jordan Peele and cast members,

NOPE | “IMAX In The Sky” Featurette On The Magnitude Of The Film

Fans of Jordan Peele's films are gearing up for his next thrilling adventure, NOPE. We have seen two trailers already that have given us more information about what we can expect from the film. We

Nope Final Trailer Gives Us A Clearer View Of What Is Going On

Nope is ready to make its big-screen debut in about a month in July. There was a time when Jordan Peel was a household name due to his comedy on Key & Peele. But here

Nope Trailer Reveals Upcoming Killer Storm

Jordan Peele has a knack for crafty horror films that’ll keep you guessing even before watching the film. Since his directorial debut with Get Out in 2017 and his sophomore film Us, horror fans itched

Candyman: ‘A Look Inside’ Clip Featuring Jordan Peele and Nia DaCosta

We are a little under two weeks away from the release of Oscar winner Jordan Peele’s fresh take on one of the most well-known urban legends, Candyman. The original film, now a cult classic, from

Stunning Trailer For Jordan Peele’s Candyman

A new trailer has dropped for the upcoming horror-thriller, Candyman from Universal Pictures. What is being called a “spiritual sequel” to the original 1992 film looks to continue the urban legend of the supernatural killer

HBO’s Lovecraft Country Takes On The Author’s Problematic Legacy

Lovecraft Country does not ignore the problematic nature of the author from whom it took inspiration. In the opening moments of HBO's Lovecraft Country, you're presented by two very different, but very telling, scenes about

New Trailer From Amazon Studio’s Hunters Starring Al Pacino

https://youtu.be/HBGkjmfIzAw Late last November Netflix debuted Marin Scorsese's The Irishman where Oscar winner Al Pacino takes on the role of the union boss Jimmy Hoffa. Early last year we had gotten word that Pacino had

Jordan Peele Looks To Continue Destroying The Myths About Representation In The Film Industry

Fresh off the big weekend box office success of his latest film Us, writer/director Jordan Peele sat down at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in East Hollywood for an in-depth conversation. Seated in front of

Al Pacino Nears Deal To Make His TV Debut In Amazon’s Jordan Peele-Produced Series The Hunt

Al Pacino, the legendary Oscar-winning actor known for his memorable performances in The Godfather, Serpico, Dog Day Afternoon, Scarface, Glengarry Glen Ross, Scent Of A Woman, Carlito's Way, Heat, The Insider, Angels In America and I could go on, seems to be getting closer to