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It Is Safe To Say Square Enix ‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Is A Failure

Square Enix has a problem they refuse to admit with Marvel's Avengers.  It is not a good game and there is nothing that they can do to fix it. A game that was released in early September

Marvels Avengers Kate Bishop Update Pushed Back Out Of October

Quality versus Quantity is the current mindset of the crew at Crystal Dynamics regarding their latest game Marvel's Avengers. In the latest community update the developers at Crystal Dynamics gave an update of the immediate

Make A Fantastic Four Expansion For Marvel’s Avengers – What This Fan Wants From…Marvel’s Avengers

I have one request going forward for Marvel's Avengers Developers Crystal Dynamics. Make a Fantastic Four expansion for Marvel's Avengers. Like many of you I have been working my way through the Marvel's Avengers game

Marvel’s Avengers Is Plagued By Bugs Despite Huge Launch

This comes as absolutely no surprise to me as a gamer but Marvel's Avengers is plagued by bugs. This comes as no surprise to me as I have never seen a GAAS game like Marvel's

Is Marvel’s Avengers Getting New Playable Heroes? Intriguing Data Mining Results

Is Marvel's Avengers getting new playable heroes? The game has been playable in beta form this past weekend with more beta weekends planned. Some of LRM's scribes have been comparing notes on the game already.

How Sony-Exclusive Spider-Man Will Work In Marvel’s Avengers

Wanna know how the Sony-exclusive Spider-Man will work in Marvel's Avengers? Read on for more details. Marvel's Avengers is released this September and there appears to be a lot of interest in the game. Why

Spider-Man Will Be A Sony Exclusive Character In Marvel’s Avengers

UPDATE: This rumor has been confirmed by Sony themselves on the PlayStation blog. While it wasn't explicitly stated, it does sound like it will be Peter Parker and not Miles Morales. ORIGINAL STORY: Today we

Marvel’s Avengers Beta and Second War Table Presentation Announced

The wait for players to get their hands on Marvel’s Avengers game is almost over. It’s been a year since the release of the first A-Day gameplay trailer for Marvel’s Avengers. The initial issues with

Marvel’s Avengers Thor Was Influenced By Thor: Ragnarok Movie

Lead combat designer Vince Napoli says Marvel's Avengers Thor was influenced by Thor: Ragnarok. Read on for more details. You probably saw our coverage of Marvel's Avengers latest gameplay footage last week (if not check

How The Marvel’s Avengers Game Could Change The Superhero Genre…For Better Or Worse

Crystal Dynamics released a lot of videos past week for the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers video game. After watching it all, I realized that if this game is a big hit, there are unique ideas in