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Andrew Garfield Backtracks Week Of Saying He Didn’t Get A Call For No Way Home

Andrew Garfield. This is the third article this week I have written about Garfield. More specifically, concerning the actor and whether or not he got a call to appear in Spider-Man: Now Way Home. First,

Andrew Garfield Continues To Deny Involvement In No Way Home But Most Aren’t Buying It

Andrew Garfield hasn't gotten the call to appear in Spider-Man: No Way Home. Or so he continues to tell news outlets. Yet, a lot of people really aren't buying it. Which is probably why he's

Spider-Man: No Way Home – Andrew Garfield Has Still Not Gotten A Call

Spider-Man: No Way Home is still surrounded by many theories about it being a live-action Spider-Verse. Though we know Alfred Molina and Jamie Foxx are reprising their villain roles from previous Spider-Man franchises, I very

Tom Holland On How Long He Would Play Spider-Man

Tom Holland more than likely has a career that will see him play a wide range of characters covering most genres. Though the actor says he would be on board to star as Peter Parker

Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland Hypes A Unique Action Scene

Spider-Man 3, or Spider-Man 3: The Second, is deep in production and star Tom Holland is doing his best to keep his mouth shut when dealing with the press. Holland denies the rumored appearance of

Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland Says It’s A Most Ambitious Superhero Movie

Spider-Man 3 ambitious? It won't be long before the world has another Spider-Man trilogy. Fans are excited for another web-slinging adventure. Not only because of star Ton Holland is wonderful in the role, but at

Spider-Man 3: Holland Doesn’t Know If Dunst, Maguire, And Garfield Are In The Film

Spider-Man 3. Or Spider-Man 3, the second Spider-Man 3, if you prefer. The upcoming film has garnered quite a bit of attention, with rumors the cast made include former Peter Parkers/Spider-Men Tobey Maguire and Andrew

Rumor: Could A Tweet Be More Evidence That Andrew Garfield Is In Spider-Man 3?

Alright, this may be quite the stretch, but isn't the internet for this type of speculation? Take the idea of "confirmation" extremely lightly here. However, we could be on to something. Fans all crave even

Kevin Feige Talks About Those Spider-Man 3 Multiverse Rumors

Over the last several weeks tons of rumors about the upcoming Spider-Man 3 have flown around the movie news world. Most of them dealing with the possibility of bringing in older versions of Spider-Man we

New Rumor Says DiCaprio In Talks For Doctor Strange 2 Role

Another rumor involving the Marvel Cinematic Universe made its way around the movie news world today. Today's scuttlebutt again comes from insider Daniel Richtman and has Leonardo Dicaprio attached to it. Richtman claims the Oscar-winning