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National Treasure: Edge Of History First-Look Featurette & Teaser | SDCC 2022

In an excited and jam-packed "Ballroom 20" at San Diego Comic-Con yesterday we got our first look at National Treasure: Edge of History. The new Disney+ series is based on the fan-favorite National Treasure franchise

Catherine Zeta-Jones Joins Cast of Disney+’s National Treasure

Hopefully, Nicolas Cage can be available for the upcoming Disney+ series National Treasure. For now, Catherine Zeta-Jones steps in for a leading series regular role in the series. The series is not necessarily a reboot,

National Treasure Gets An Timely Honest Trailer

Many of us movie buffs have a love-hate relationship with Nicolas Cage. We either love to hate him and his films or hate that we love him and some of his films. I fall more

National Treasure TV Series In The Works For Disney+

Recently, we heard that a third installment into the National Treasure franchise was in the works. Today, we received word that there is also a TV show based on the series headed to Disney+. The

So…National Treasure 3 Is Happening!

Like many people, I thoroughly enjoyed the National Treasure movies. They were goofy, ridiculous, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. They took what was fun about Dan Brown novels, added an

National Treasure 3 Still A Regular Topic Of Discussion At Disney, Says CEO

While we currently live in the ultimate era of franchises, it goes without saying that there are some out there that don't always make it past one or two films. More than ever, studios seem

Why Don’t We Have A National Treasure 3 Yet? Here’s What The Director Says

If you're like me, you kind of adored the National Treasure films. They may not be cinematic gems, but they were damn fun adventure films, and in my opinion, did The Da Vinci Code much