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Shawn Levy Explains How He Was Offered Directing A Star Wars Movie

In a recent interview, Shawn Levy explains how we he was offered directing a Star Wars movie. Though, he is not willing to discuss any details. We've know for a while now that Levy is

Levy Talks About His New Star Wars Movie But Refuses To Comment On Adam Driver

In a recent interview director Shawn Levy talks about his new Star Wars movie in development, but refuses to comment on Adam Driver links. Levy, who is currently awaiting a new start date for Deadpool

Shawn Levy Updates On Progress Of His Star Wars Movie Pre-Strikes

In a recent interview with Collider Deadpool 3 director Shawn Levy updates on the progress of his Star Wars movie, or where it was pre-strikes. Though hardly greenlit, Levy himself admitted he was working on

Shawn Levy Opens Up About Developing His Star Wars Movie

Shawn Levy opens up about developing his Star Wars movie and he does not want to be one of the ones that falls by the wayside. The director recently chatted with Collider and is well

Shawn Levy Says Video Game Movies Are Scary To Do

Super Mario Bros., Double Dragon, Dead or Alive, and The House of the Dead... These are some of the worst films in cinema history and they all happen to be based on video games. Coincidence? No... It is

Netflix Signs Stranger Things’ Shawn Levy To A Multi-Project Deal

Are you a fan of Stranger Things? Do you enjoy movies like Night at the Museum or Real Steel (but maybe not Date Night or The Pink Panther reboot)? Well good news, according to The

Stranger Things Isn’t Done After Season 3

Stranger Things' journey through the "Upside Down" doesn't end with Season 3, apparently there's a much longer arc in-development and where it goes might surprise you. It was just last summer when we met this