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David Sandberg Leaks Ending To Shazam 2 On Reddit – Only For A Joke Though

David Sandberg leaks ending to Shazam 2? What the.....Ah! David Sandberg is a bit of a hoot. Despite me not loving Shazam!, I did learn to appreciate Sandberg's character. Today he got DC fans big

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Adds Lucy Liu As Kalypso

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is filling out its cast nicely ahead of production. Zachary Levi returns as the adult, superhero version of Bill Baston, who will again be played by Asher Angel. David F.

Zachary Levi Had Doubts On Being Cast As Shazam Due To The Rock Already Set To Play Black Adam

Last year's Shazam! was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. The much lighter-toned DC film showed us the studio did have a different side to them, that wasn't so dark, and wasn't

Shazam 2 – Early, And I Mean Early Reviews Are In For The Superhero Movie That Hasn’t Been Filmed

With the original film being a success a Shazam 2 was at least in one way, like Thanos, inevitable. The film will bring back star Zachary Levi, and director David F. Sandberg. A few months

Henry Cavill To Return As Superman In Shazam 2? Do We Have The Rock To Thank? | LRM Barside Buzz

Welcome to LRM’s Barside Buzz, the column where we dive deep into the latest rumors from across the internet. We then decide just how many grains of salt we should be taking with that rumor

Shazam! Sequel To Begin Shooting This Summer

As far as big-screen efforts and shared cinematic universes Marvel has been traveling down a smooth freeway, while DC has, for the most part, been driving down a gravel road, with square wooden tires. Now,

Shazam 2 NOT Officially Announced, In Spite Of Rumors [UPDATED]

UPDATE: ComicBook.com is reporting that no official announcement regarding Shazam 2 has been made. That being said, the film is likely still happening -- and happening soon. ORIGINAL STORY: The DC Extended Universe may have gotten off

Zachary Levi Says Shazam Sequel Being Fast-tracked

DC's Shazam! was everything it promised to be and everything I could have hoped for from the film. Introducing into DC's universe the wacky new concept called fun, the film definitely set itself apart from

Shazam! Sequel Could Film As Early As Next Spring, Says Zachary Levi

Earlier this year saw the release of the superhero film Shazam! Unlike plenty of other superhero movies, this one was squarely aimed at a family audience. And, it additionally featured a very unique family itself.

Shazam! Producers May Have To Move Quickly With A Sequel For This Reason

Nowadays, when you're making a film, more often than not, you're not just making a standalone story, but you're making either an entry in a franchise or a project that will inevitably kickstart a franchise.