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Thaddeus O’Sullivan Talks About How The Miracle Club Took Him To His Roots | Exclusive

 The Miracle Club is brought to screen by the filmmaker, Thaddeus O’Sullivan. The ideal director to bring us a vision of Ireland in the 60s with characters pinning their hope on a miracle. https://youtu.be/Gp3ZFdklPCk The

Shortcomings Trailer Reveals Adorable Asian Comedy Making Randall Park Directorial Debut

Shortcomings became an indie darling after its showcase at this year’s Sundance Film Festival and the Tribeca Film Festival. Also, the indie romantic comedy marks the directorial debut of funnyman Randall Park. The film stars

Greg Kwedar And Clint Bentley Cover The Struggles Of A Jockey [Exclusive Interview]

The filmmaker, Clint Bentley, brings a little bit about his childhood in his new film, Jockey. With Greg Kwedar as a co-writer to put together the touching story of life behind the race tracks. Starring Clifton