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Spider-Man Movies Coming To Disney+ – Japan And U.K. Only Though

Finally the Spider-Man movies coming to Disney+, yay! Sadly, it's in Japan and U.K. only for now, boo. The announcements were made within the last 24 hours and it looks like Japan is getting the

Loki Set Up No Way Home And Multiverse Of Madness Confirms Kevin Feige

Fans have wondered for some time if Loki set up No Way Home and Multiverse of Madness? Well now we have confirmation from Kevin Feige that this is indeed the case. If you remember Loki's

Physical Media Death Watch: No Deleted Scenes On Spider-Man: No Way Home UK Blu-ray

Let's get this one thing out of the way, physical media is superior to streaming. It comes uncompressed (mostly, but it's technical), bypasses internet speed and bandwidth bottlenecks, and allows you to maintain a copy

Kevin Feige Calls Cumberbatch The Anchor Of The MCU At The Stars Walk Of Fame Ceremony

Kevin Feige calls Cumberbatch the anchor of the MCU. Feige's comments came at Benedict Cumberbatch's Walk of Fame Ceremony in Hollywood yesterday. The star who first portrayed the MCU's Doctor Strange in 2016 was given

No Way Home Digital And Physical Release Date Revealed Plus The Defenders On Disney+ March 16th Officially

Spider-Man: No Way Home digital and physical release date revealed! Also we have official confirmation of The Defenders on Disney+ March 16th. That's big pieces of official news today folks. We will begin with Spider-Man:

The Future Of Daredevil In The MCU – Charlie Cox Talks About His Hopes

What is the future of Daredevil in the MCU? Whilst we cannot say for definite, things are looking up. Charlie Cox talks about his hopes for his future playing Matt Murdock in a recent interview

Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-ray Extra’s And Deleted Scenes

Spider-Man: No Way Home Blu-ray extra's and deleted scenes have been revealed and its over 100 minutes of bonus content. Amit Chaudhari (a known insider on social media) listed all the deleted scenes and featurettes

Tobey Maguire On Reprising Spider-Man Role In No Way Home

We've heard from Tom Holland and Andrew Garfield, now we can hear from Tobey Maguire on reprising Spider-Man role in No Way Home. Maguire was in a joint interview with fellow returning Spider-Man Garfield with

Post-No Way Home Rumor Round-Up | Barside Buzz

Today we have a post-No Way Home rumor round-up from social media posts made by MTTTSH over the weekend. There are three posts here which deal with rumored next steps for Spider-Man after the fallout

Garfield Talks Lying To Fans About No Way Home Appearance

Andrew Garfield talks lying to fans about No Way Home appearance in a recent interview with The Wrap. Of course Garfield would have been under an NDA to not talk about his surprise (ahem) appearance