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RUMOR: Marvel Planning A Solo Film For Storm Of The X-Men

Recently we finally heard from marvel regarding the properties they acquired from Fox when Kevin Feige confirmed Deadpool 3 would both be set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have an R rating. Today we

Apocalypse & the X-Tracts #1, X-Force #4 & Marvelous X-Men #2 – X-Tuesday: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Apocalypse & the X-Tracts #1, X-Force #4 & Marvelous X-Men #2 - X-Tuesday The Comic Source Podcast   Jace takes a deep dive back into the world of Age of

WonderCon: Alexandra Shipp (Storm) On Her Character, The Future, And Race

It is a weird time to release an X-Men film. Dark Phoenix will hit the big screen after Disney has purchased Fox basically meaning the film has no meaning. That the characters will be rebooted with