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The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer Introduces Us To A Very Familiar Beloved Cast

We now have the official trailer for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. About a month ago the partnership that is Nintendo, Illumination, and Universal released our first look at the animated film of one of

Cast Revealed for Super Mario Bros. Animated Film

It’s-a Me, Mario! It’s been years since Mario and company were on the big screen. Illumination and Nintendo announced they joined forces to bring the beloved video game characters on to the big screen as

Super Mario World OST Restored By Data Miners

Thanks to last year's now-famous gigaleak at Nintendo, data miners were able to restore the uncompressed original soundtrack to Super Mario World. Using instrument samples found in the data leak, we now have what some might

The Super Mario Bros Animated Film Is Coming In 2022, Miyamoto Will Act As Producer

More details on the Super Mario Bros animated film emerge. If you can believe it, it’s been almost three years since it was first announced we were getting an animated Super Mario Bros movie. The first report came

Mario Of Super Mario Bros. Fame ISN’T Italian?

Super Mario isn’t who you think he is. Get ready to get your mind blown. Call me a naive summer child, but I grew up with some basic indisputable facts. One such fact was that

Super Mario Bros. Movie Beats Out Long List Of Games People Want Live-Action Movies Of

Video game movies are finally on the rise. Yes, they’ve been around for decades at this point, but until recently, we hadn’t had much of a runaway hit. While Pokémon: Detective Pikachu seemed like the

New Deleted Scene From Super Mario Bros. Hits The Web

https://youtu.be/HgKCxCCjyCs History has shown us that films that have been adapted from popular video games have generally not done very well for one reason or another. So is the case for the live action version

Super Mario Bros Animated Film Gets Release Date

Everyone's favorite mushroom smashing, brick breaking, pipe invader Mario will be returning to the screen in 2022 with an animated film. One of the most recognizable characters in the entire world, Mario is long overdue

Super Mario Creator To Be Heavily Involved In Animated Film

We do love us some Super Mario Bros., but we are understandably wary about the idea of another feature film. The last time we saw this on the big screen, the results were catastrophic, to

Cheech Marin Almost Played Mario In The Ill-Fated Super Mario Bros. Movie

The curse of the video game movie is a well-worn topic. I've covered it on countless occasions, and we're sure that plenty of you have discussed it as well, either on this site or among