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New Super Mario Movie Poster & Too Many RECENT Game Remakes | Daily COG

New Super Mario Movie Poster & Too Many RECENT Game Remakes | Daily COG Today, the guys discuss the new Super Mario movie poster and the not so hot history of video game movies. Also,

Super Mario World OST Restored By Data Miners

Thanks to last year's now-famous gigaleak at Nintendo, data miners were able to restore the uncompressed original soundtrack to Super Mario World. Using instrument samples found in the data leak, we now have what some might

Nintendo Planning Super Mario Galaxy Remaster This Year And A New Paper Mario!

In case you didn’t know, Super Mario is officially 35 years old. That’s right. Nintendo’s prized plumber has been walking this green Earth for as long as many of us — for many, even longer!

Mario Creator Doesn’t Seem Thrilled With The Idea Of A Movie

You can’t really blame Nintendo for taking so long to make another film based on their no. 1 I.P. Of course, I’m talking about Super Mario Bros., a gaming series that has lasted decades, with

Nintendo Teams With Illumination For An Animated Film Starring Mario

Last November, we reported on the rumor from the Wall Street Journal that Nintendo was looking to team with animation studio Illumination Entertainment to bring Mario to the big screen for the first time since

Super Mario Odyssey Gets A Fun Live-Action Trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4xW9aCg2zY A live action trailer for Super Mario Odyssey was released today. The new game will be released on the Nintendo Switch on October 27. The video shows an extravagantly choreographed dance number with Mario