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Teresa Palmer And Miranda Otto Discuss Playing Dark Roles For The Clearing | Exclusive

Two of Australia's gems, Teresa Palmer and Miranda Otto star in the new psychological thriller, The Clearing. Palmer and Otto take us through the story of a cult life with many layers of torment and

The Twin | Teresa Palmer Interview [Exclusive]

A mother’s loss of a child would certainly put her in psychological hell. In The Twin, one mother becomes protective of her child as the boy’s dead twin brother haunts them. The film stars Teresa

The Twin Trailer Has Teresa Palmer Seeing A Haunting Mirror Image of Her Child

Twin siblings always have a strong bond and connection. After the passing of one sibling in The Twin, a mother is haunted with images of the dead son and the secrets about their living son.

Ride Like A Girl New Trailer Shows A Woman Can Be A Jockey Too

[caption id="attachment_156243" align="alignnone" width="440"] Ride Like A Girl Starring Teresa Palmer (Courtesy of Paramount and Saban Films)[/caption] Ride Like A Girl will be one of those feel-good stories that’ll prove women can compete in male-dominated