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Ms. Marvel Finale Fears & Is Nostalgia Ruining Movies? | Daily COG

Ms. Marvel Finale Fears & Is Nostalgia Ruining Movies? | Daily COGWelcome back to The Daily Cup of Genre! Today we discuss upcoming Ms. Marvel finale and fears about it's success. Also, is the trend

Brie Larson Mentions Auditioning For Star Wars, Terminator and The Hunger Games

[caption id="attachment_160874" align="alignnone" width="992"] Brie Larson[/caption] Brie Larson may be known as the most powerful being in the universe as Captain Marvel. However, the one-time Oscar winner had to audition for roles like most of

Terminator: Dark Fate To Lose Big Bucks For Paramount

For decades, the Terminator franchise how somehow managed to stay alive. Like Terminators themselves, it refused to die, despite the number of failed attempts there had been at a sequel. With Terminator: Dark Fate, it

Terminator: Dark Fate Review – Splotches of Fun but Mostly Rust

  Terminator: Dark Fate is the story of Dani (Natalia Reyes), a young unassuming woman who one day finds her life filled with mysterious (and rather murderous) characters. The first among them is Rev-9 (Gabriel

James Cameron On Future Plans For The Terminator Franchise

Terminator is a franchise that many of us wish had ended long ago. Long before the Rise of the Machines. Before our Salvation. Before the Genisys. Before the franchise took a nosedive and started to

Terminator: Dark Fate Runtime Revealed

Terminator: Dark Fate is almost upon us as its release on November 1st in the US, though a week earlier than that over where I am in the UK. The movie as we know takes

Terminator: Arnold Schwarzenegger Has A Strict No-Blinking Rule

Many of us have very similar early memories of a Terminator. Me, as a kid, it was that terrifying, slow-moving train, where an unyielding force persists until its target is destroyed. Sure, that changed slightly

Terminator: Dark Fate Projections Hit

Here’s some news regarding a franchise that just keeps coming back. You know which one I am talking about. Come November 1, Terminator: Dark Fate marks the franchise's return to woo theatergoers of their hard-cold

Paramount Pictures Releases New Trailer and Poster For ‘Terminator: Dark Fate’

https://youtu.be/oxy8udgWRmo Since 1984 in the Terminator franchise, Skynet has done everything in it's power to make sure that the nuclear holocaust the kicks off on August 29th, 1997 also known as Judgement Day. The last

Edward Furlong Returning As John Connor In Terminator: Dark Fate | SDCC 2019

While we may live in a generation of reboots, but we also live in a generation of studios going back to basics. This previous year, we saw Halloween ignore all the sequels created over the