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Matt Reeves Produced Arkham Series Now Set In DCU Says James Gunn

This is interesting, according to James Gunn, the Matt Reeves produced Arkham TV series is now set in the DCU. As we all know, Matt Reeves The Batman is in its own universe and not

Renfield Review: Let It Feed & To The Max… For Rebranding | BGR

Renfield Review: Let It Feed & To The Max... For Rebranding | Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast  Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is about analyzing geekdom and the things we like: an in-depth examination of

Batman In The Penguin Series? James Gunn Confirms No Rights Issues

Is Robert Pattinson's Batman in The Penguin series? Frankly we have no idea, but DC boss James Gunn confirms there are no rights issues preventing it. Gunn was responded to a rumor article on social

The Penguin And The Batman, Part II: What’s In Store?

Hey, everyone! Daniel Kisala (a/k/a DanielVoicesComics) here. Boy, it truly is a great time to be a fan. Just when you think we can’t have it any better, things go and actually do get better.

Colin Farrell Shares New Info About The Penguin Spin-Off Series

Colin Farrell recently sat down with Variety's Awards Circuit Podcast to talk about his first Oscar nomination for The Banshees of Inisherin and also talk a little bit about The Penguin spin-off. The upcoming HBO

Matt Reeves Talks The Penguin Spin-Off Inspirations

Matt Reeves talks The Penguin spin-off inspirations in a recent interview. Reeves, director of The Batman is executive producer on The Penguin. Though he's not showrunning this one, Reeves certainly is responsible for making this

Colin Farrell Hopes To Shoot Penguin Series In February Or March

The state of the DCU may be in flux, but one franchise pushing on regardless is The Batman. Colin Farrell says in a recent interview he hopes to shoot the Penguin series in February or

Matt Reeves Signs Big First Look Deal With WB/D For Film And TV

After all the shakeups at WB/D there was some concern from fans of The Batman. However as reported by Deadline, Matt Reeves has signed a big first look deal with WB/D for both film and

The Batman | Max Carver and Charlie Carver Interview [Exclusive]

The twin doormen literally have one job—stop the Batman from entering the nightclub. For the twin actors Max Carver and Charlie Carver, it became a dream come true to be in a comic book movie

The Batman Blu-ray Details Revealed Plus Release Date And Special Features

WB have announced The Batman Blu-ray details including the release date and a list of special features that will appear on the disk. The Batman will arrive on HBO Max for subscribers on April 18th.