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First Look At The Simpsons New Christmas Short On Disney+

One of the most iconic cartoon series, The Simpsons, is here to celebrate the upcoming holidays. While the animated family of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie are most known for their Halloween specials true

Billie Eilish To Join A Long List Of Celebrities Appearing On The Simpsons

In the long history of The Simpsons different celebrities have made an appearance on their show.  Some of the most iconic musical celebrities that have been on the show are Michael Jackson, Aerosmith, and The Rolling

Loki Is Coming To Springfield! Loki-Themed Simpsons Parody Coming Soon To Disney+

The Simpsons are coming to the MCU with a Loki-themed parody. Disney+ sent out a tweet that they are giving us another Simpsons animated short called The Simpsons: The Good, the Bart, and the Loki.

Get Your Quarters Ready! Simpsons Arcade Game Cabinet Coming To Your Home

The Arcade was one of the highlights of many childhoods in the past and for many kids in the 90s, it was a popular place to hang out. The 1991 arcade game, The Simpsons, was

DOH! The Simpsons Movie Honest Trailer

It took almost 20 years for The Simpsons to get a feature-length adventure o the big-screen. Considering the show's popularity, it felt long overdue to many fans. It's been 14 years since the release of

Jack Ryan’s Wendell Pierce Publicly Lobbies for Role of Cleveland

You’re likely familiar with Wendell Pierce from Amazon’s Jack Ryan and HBO’s The Wire. But if he has his way, he’ll be joining the long-running Fox shows, The Cleveland Show and Family Guy.  https://twitter.com/WendellPierce/status/1277347624375455751?s=20 The horrific

It’s National D’ohnut Day! Here Are The Top Simpsons Doughnut Moments

Simpsons and doughnuts go hand-in-hand. Here are our favorite moments. Doughnuts are a breakfast tradition that has been around for more than 200 years. In cartoons, doughnuts are synonymous with another long-lasting staple, The Simpsons.

Disney’s Domination Is Complete: Simpsons Short To Play In Front Of Onward, Kevin Feige Debuts On Series

If there was any question as to whether or not Disney owned Fox, let this be the end of such a question. Yes, The Simpsons is already all on Disney+ for everyone to enjoy, but

The Simpsons: Hank Azaria Will No Longer Voice Apu

“Thank you, come again.” Those are the words that have been popularized by The Simpsons. More specifically, they were spoken by Apu, the Indian Kwik-E-Mart owner. For decades, the character has been voiced by the

Bart Simpson: The Most Googled Character In America

In honor of The Simpsons' recent 30 year anniversary, SEMrush has provided some digital statistics for the long-running animated series. SEMrush creates competitive intelligence solutions and so they were able to provide data for this