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Veronica Mars Star Jason Dohring On His Internal Aversion To Veronica And Logan First Getting Together

Veronica Mars was always an odd show, especially for the time. Usually, in a lot of TV shows, you have the main cast working together toward some common goal — especially in a mystery-centric series.

Kristen Bell Says She’ll Do Veronica Mars Until ‘Everyone In Neptune Is Dead’

I can’t speak highly enough about Veronica Mars. It was a series that was way ahead of its time. In an era where episodic procedural TV was all the rage (unless your name was either

Veronica Mars Teaser Trailer Hits!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wuhCFAtFE-A It's almost time to head back to the awful hotbed of crime known as Neptune. When Veronica Mars last hit the screen (in her feature film), she got back together with on-and-off-again love interest

Veronica Mars Is Coming Back And Now We Know When

Veronica Mars is an incredibly popular property from the mid-2000s that has already had one revival, in the form of a movie, and is set to have a new eight-episode season on Hulu. The show

Veronica Mars Locks Down J.K. Simmons In Recurring Role

All right, marshmallows, if you haven't allowed yourself to get excited about the upcoming Veronica Mars revival, then now's the time. Most of the main cast has seemingly hopped on board this new Hulu limited

Veronica Mars: Enrico Colantoni To Reprise Role As Keith Mars In Hulu Revival

Good news, Veronica Mars fans. It looks like the impending Veronica Mars limited series reboot over at Hulu will have another key character returning to the show. That key character is none other than Keith

Kristen Bell Warns Fans The New Veronica Mars Will Be Darker And Different

Another year, another big TV revival on the way. For years, fans have been wanting to see more of Veronica Mars, a series that may have been ahead of its time in terms of its

Kristen Bell Says Veronica Mars Miniseries Going To Happen…Someday

We live in a true era of fandom. When beloved TV shows fall off the air, there’s now always a chance that some other network will pick it up, or that fans could somehow come