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Microsoft Leaving Gaming? Not So Crazy After All! | D-COG

Microsoft Leaving Gaming? Not So Crazy After All! | D-COG Today, Kyle revisits Microsoft possibly leaving gaming, and discusses how the SAG-AFTRA strike may lead to more layoffs for Hollywood. Welcome to The Daily Cup

Xbox Boss Says No Activision Games On Game Pass Till 2024

Xbox boss Phil Spencer says there will be no Activision games appearing on Game Pass until 2024. Now that Xbox's acquisition of Activision is complete fans had hoped we may soon start to see titles

Xbox’s Activision Purchase Completed As U.K. Hurdle Is Overcome

Xbox's Activision purchase is completed as of today folks! As covered in an earlier report the U.K. hurdle has been overcome and the sale was expected to go through imminently. Well, now we have an

Could Xbox Exit Gaming In 2027? Alleged Phil Spencer Comments | D-COG

Could Xbox Exit Gaming In 2027? Alleged Phil Spencer Comments | D-COG Today, Kyle discusses the recent Microsoft/Xbox and FTC case leaks, including alleged comments from Phil Spencer spelling possible doom... Welcome to the Daily

Xbox’s Activision Takeover Hit By New Delay From FTC

Xbox's Activision takeover has been hit with a new delay by the FTC. That's the report from the likes of CNN and Reuters. As you know, a deal was struck for Microsoft's Xbox division to

Starfield – Forza Motorsport – Clockwork Revolution Trailer: Xbox Showcase Highlights

Check out Starfield, Forza Motorsport and Clockwork Revolution trailer below. All three were for me the Xbox showcase highlights from yesterday's streaming event. Whilst there were many, many games shown including Star Wars: Outlaws, a

No CGI Trailers Promises Microsoft Ahead Of Xbox Showcase Event

Microsoft's Xbox Showcase event is imminent and this year the software giant promises no CGI trailers. One thing both MS and Sony have been accused of is filling their events with CGI trailers which don't

Bethesda Producer On Advantages To Not Developing Starfield For PS5 Plus Teases Indiana Jones Video Game

In a recent video appearance, Bethesda producer Todd Howard says there are advantages to not developing Starfield for PS5. Plus the producer also teases the Indiana Jones video game his team are working on. Howard

Xbox/Bethesda Showcase Biggest Trailers – Starfield – Forza Motorsport – Flintlock – High on Life

Check out the Xbox/Bethesda Showcase's biggest trailers below. We have Starfield, Forza Motorsport, Flintlock, and High on Life. There were a few smaller trailers along with various announcement of games coming to Game Pass, or

Told You So… Sony Explains Why AAA Titles On A Subscription Service Is A Bad Idea

Sony comments on subscription services gaming and the effect on first-party titles. Can a subscription service (Game Pass or PlayStation Plus) provide enough revenue to maintain current games' quality and turnaround time? That is the