The Promised Neverland Live-Action Series In Development For Amazon

The Promised Neverland is a dark shōnen manga, by Kaiu Shirai, revolving around children being used as cattle for demons. The manga is ending soon, having run in Weekly Shōnen Jump since December 2016. However,

Empire Has Released A Preview Of Its 50 Greatest Movie Heroes Of All-Time, #1 Seeks Fortune And Glory

Empire has released its list of the 50 greatest movie heroes of all-time. Topping the list, much to the of Jammer and Kyle Malone is famed archaeologist, Indiana Jones. Yes, Indy tops the list and

Tabletop Game Review – Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game by Ravensburger Games Price: ~$30.00 Players: 2 to 4 Playtime: 45 to 60 minutes Perfect for: Families with younger players beginning their board game journey. Disney Jungle Cruise Adventure Game

A New Batman Game Could Be Announced And Released Sooner Than We Think | LRM’s Barside Buzz

There’s nothing like a good Batman game. Recent big-budget entries in the Arkham franchise gave gamers a chance to fill the boots of everyone’s favorite billionaire. Given how many of us grew up reading and

The Goonies: Goldbergs Creator Shares Concept Art For Pitched Sequel

Oh, The Goonies. How many of us wished as kids that we could go on an adventure like the one chronicled in that film? I can’t tell you how many times I wished I could

How J.J. Abrams Could Be Standing In The Way Of A Henry Cavill-Led Man Of Steel 2 | LRM’s Barside Buzz

Is J.J. Abrams standing the way of a Man of Steel 2? No matter how hard they try, Warner Bros. can’t seem to figure out how best to handle Superman. While I enjoy Zack Snyder’s take

HBO Max Is Cycling Out DC Movies — And That’s Absolute BS

HBO Max won't have an extensive catalog of DC movies. I’m actually enjoying HBO Max quite a bit. While its offerings aren’t vast in quantity, there is a great variety that other services simply don’t

Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s ‘Broom Boy’ Was Disappointed His Character Didn’t Return

Broom Boy, this character's appearence at the end of The Last Jedi was the topic of much debate among Star Wars fans. While most of us knew he wouldn't be an essential character of the

Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher On The Differences Between His Justice League and Star Wars Auditions

Actor Ray Fisher took to his Twitch account to describe two very different auditioning experiences.  They were for two roles, in what was at the time, major upcoming movies. Fisher auditioned for and ended up

UPDATE – Batwoman: Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane Will NOT Be Killed Off

UPDATE: Contrary to our previous report, Batwoman character Kate Kane will NOT be killed off. Showrunner Caroline Dries made a statement to THR on the matter. "As a lesbian who’s been working as a writer for the