X-Men: The Animated Series Showrunner Gives His Thoughts On The Characters Inevitable Introduction Into The MCU

Now that Thanos has come and gone, the next most anticipated event in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be into introduction of the recently acquired properties in the Fantastic Four, Deadpool, and the mutants known

Reine Swart Talks Starring In A Different Type Of Horror With Triggered [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_172297" align="alignnone" width="800"] Reine Swart in Triggered[/caption] Reine Swart is no stranger in the horror realm. In her 2017’s breakout role in The Lullaby, she played a mother suffering from postpartum or more perhaps

ESPN Feels The Effect Of 2020 With Layoffs

The effects of 2020 seems to have impacted ESPN with an announcement of future layoffs.  While the sports network channel was able to provide some content during the initial phase of the pandemic with little

The Acting Career of John Boyega Was Inspired By A Johnny Depp Balancing Act

I first noticed Boyega in a kickass film called Attack the Block, if you still haven't seen the film, I'd definitely recommend you do so at your earliest. Boyega then rose to worldwide fame as

‘LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special’ Anakin Still Hates Obi Wan

The LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special will be here in less than two weeks to celebrate Life Day. After 42 years since the original Star Wars Holiday Special we now have a special that will span over

Did You Catch The Battlestar Galactica Easter Egg In The Mandalorian Chapter 9?

There was a Battlestar Galactica Easter egg in The Mandalorian Chapter 9. It's a blink and you'll miss it moment form the very start of last week's debut Season 2 episode. As Mando is walking

Kat Dennings Says Darcy Isn’t In Thor: Love and Thunder – WandaVision Due This Year

Kate Dennings says Darcy is not in Thor: Love and Thunder, or if she is, no one has told her yet. Dennings played Darcy, friend of Jane Foster in the first two Thor movies. The

Loki Season 2 Reportedly Begins Production In January 2022

Loki Season 2 is happening it seems. Up until now we had no idea whether Loki, set to appear on Disney+ next year, was a limited, or ongoing series. According to a new report from

Lesley Manville Displays Her Theater Experience In The New Film Let Him Go [Exclusive Interview]

Lesley Manville is part of the cast of, Let Him Go, a film adaptation of the novel written by Larry Watson. She plays a strong character that leaves her trace in every scene. https://youtu.be/bE8pwEF-3TI Synopsis

Marvel’s Netflix Shows Start Heading Home After 2 Year Exclusive Deals Begin Ending | LRMornings

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