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David Ayer Gives Bright 2 Update

Hey, remember that little movie a couple of years back made for nearly $100 million that hit Netflix? It was the most expensive film they’d made back then and seemed to be a statement that

Bright 2 Hires Beauty And The Beast Scribe

Last December, Netflix released its biggest film to date: Bright. The movie was a clever urban fantasy film that saw a world where man co-exists with elves and orcs. By and large, audiences really seemed

Netflix’s Bright Gets A Brutal Honest Trailer

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fPpTWEIoRZs The ScreenJunkies  are back at it, with another Honest Trailer. This time their target is Netflix's fantasy world/cop drama crossover Bright. The Junkies rip into the film pretty hard, as well as Netflix's desire to bring tons

Joel Edgerton Punches Back At Bright’s Critics

David Ayer and Max Landis' Bright was Netflix's most high-profile original film to-date, and despite a critical pounding, it found enough of an audience to warrant a sequel. If you haven't seen Bright, it combines

Netflix CEO Thinks Critics Who Disliked Bright Are ‘Disconnected’

Netflix had a pretty great year last year. They released their largest slate of original films to date, and even began dabbling in more big-budget fare with the Will Smith vehicle Bright, which was made

Suicide Squad’s Negative Reception Was A Blow To Director David Ayer

About a year and a half ago, DC Films and Warner Bros. released Suicide Squad into theaters. After months of amazing marketing, fans were hopeful that they’d get a solid, fun film that helped to

Does Bright’s Success Prove Netflix Doesn’t Need Mainstream Audiences?

Netflix's recent string of diverse, and sometimes divisive, original films proves that the streaming giant is pursuing a much different audience than Hollywood's major studios. From War Machine to Okja to Death Note to Gerald's

Netflix Releases ‘History Of Magic’ Video For Bright

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRRoAZcwQMY A couple weeks back, the streaming service Netflix released a unique $100 million-flick in the form of Bright, an urban fantasy feature set in an alternate present-day world. It’s not a genre or type

Bright Brought In 11 Million Viewers In First Three Days

It looks like Netflix’s gamble on big budget home blockbusters is paying off. A couple weekends back, they dropped their biggest film to date, Bright, which was made for a whopping $100 million (which is

Bright: Nearly 60 Makeup Artists Claim They Were Left Out Of Credits

While a lot of films often seem like incredibly official things made by huge companies and well-oiled money-making machines, the reality is they’re just made by flawed people. Like with any company, mistakes get made,