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Viewers Have Found Two More Virus-Related Films To Watch During The Pandemic

People are morbid motherf**kers. While I’m sitting here during the pandemic doing my best to find content to watch that is as far removed from the whole thing as possible, most of you guys are

Surprise! Contagion Is The No. 1 Streaming Film — Plus Love Is Blind Dominates 

As has been evident in our coverage for the past couple of weeks, the COVID-19 is basically taking over everything. It’s affecting our lives, our movies, our toilet paper, and our streaming habits. As we

Contagion Is One Of This Past Week’s Most Streamed Movies — Gee, I Wonder Why

Out of nowhere, the mostly-forgotten, nearly 10-year-old film Contagion is exploding back on the scene. By and large, it’s easy to figure out what will be some of the most-streamed movies out there. A lot