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Face/Off 2: Cage And Travolta Reportedly Interested In Returning For Sequel

As you may have heard over the last couple of weeks, a sequel to the classic 90s action film, Face/Off is on the way. Originally thought to be a remake, director Adam Wingard recently clarified

Face/Off Remake Is Actually A Sequel Says Director Adam Wingard

The action films of the 1990s had a certain level of over-the-top action. Many of these films were able to garner actors who at the time were A-list stars. One such example is the 1997

Hugh Jackman And Ryan Reynolds In A Face/Off Remake?

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds' have a, well, I'm not exactly sure what it is, a friendship, a bromance, whatever it is, it seems to be one-sided. Reynolds pursues Jackman like a love-struck teenager. However,

What Is Hawkeye About, Plus Face/Off Getting Remade! | LRMornings

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Face/Off Remake Coming From Cloverfield Paradox Writer And Fast & Furious Producer

Oh, lordy me. It’s coming to this. You can pretty much ring the bell of the apocalypse because once this is done, there’ll virtually be no more point in living. Face/Off is one of those