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The Russos Were In Early Talks To Direct Feige’s Star Wars Movie After All

After much speculation it seems the Russos were in early talks to direct Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie after all. Of course recently Lucasfilm president indicated that Feige's movie never really went anywhere. However, the

The State Of All Star Wars Movies After SWC According To Kathleen Kennedy

I thought it a good idea to have an article covering the state of ALL Star Wars movies in development after this weekend's SWC according to Kathleen Kennedy. Lucasfilm president Kennedy announced three new Star

Rogue Squadron And Feige’s Star Wars Movie Reportedly Shelved

The latest news is that both Rogue Squadron and Kevin Feige's Star Wars movie have reportedly been shelved. There were at least four Star Wars movie we knew were in some kind of development. Therefore

Star Wars Movies Expected To Be Unveiled At Star Wars Celebration

Following reports of a slowdown of content from Marvel, THR has published an article looking what that means for Marvel, and Lucasfilm. In the article they say that the upcoming Star Wars movies are expected

Next Star Wars Movie Rumored To Be Lindelof’s And Set For 2025 | Barside Buzz

According to a new rumor, the next Star Wars movie rumored to be that of Damon Lindelof's and could be set to release in 2025. That's the latest Barside Buzz from Jeff Sneider on the

No Connections In Feige’s Star Wars Movie Teases Writer Michael Waldron

No connections in Feige's Star Wars movies teases writer Michael Waldron. We've known for a while now that Waldron is currently writing a Star Wars movie to be produced by Marvel's Kevin Feige. So far

Michael Waldron Writing Star Wars Movie Prevents Him From Writing Loki S2

Michael Waldron writing Star Wars movie prevents him writing Loki S2. That's what Waldron appears to be suggesting in a recent interview with Deadline. As you likely know, Waldron will be involved, but not head

Chloe Zhao Directs Star Wars Movie For Kevin Feige | Barside Buzz

This will come as little surprise if you've been keeping up. According to the Barside Buzz,  Chloe Zhao directs Star Wars movie, the one by Kevin Feige. This news is something plenty, including myself, have

Chloe Zhao Would Direct Feige’s Star Wars Movie If Asked

Eternals director Chloe Zhao would direct Feige's Star Wars movie if asked. We've known for some time that Marvel boss Kevin Feige is producing a Star Wars movie. We even know who is writing that

Writer of Feige Star Wars Movie Says Star Wars Is About Family

Michael Waldron, writer of the upcoming Kevin Feige Star Wars movie has said a few words about the project. Waldron, head writer of Loki has been promoting the new show and, as you would expect,