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Xbox Boss Wants Halo Show To Be As Good As The Last Of Us – LOL

In a recent interview, Xbox boss Phil Spencer says he wants the Halo show to be as good as The Last of Us. Frankly, as per the title, I actually did laugh out loud when

Halo’s Pablo Schreiber Has Held Talks Previously With Marvel Studios

Halo's Pablo Schreiber has held talks previously with Marvel Studios the actor conforms in a recent interview. Schreiber, who stars as Master Chief in Halo the Series which launches today on Paramount+, caught up with

New Halo Spot Is Pretty Underwhelming

For a show that premieres in 2 days time, this new Halo spot is pretty underwhelming. The trailer itself felt like little more than a teaser and I expected this week we would get a

Changes To The Story We Can Spot In The Halo Series Trailer

So what changes to the story can we spot in the Halo Series trailer? The trailer for Halo the Series dropped last night along with a release date of March 22nd. We've already posted the

Halo the Series Official Trailer Has Master Chief Fighting the Covenant

For many years, the video game-to-screen concept of Halo was in development hell as numerous attempts were made to make it as a film or television series, and even the pandemic stalled it. Now the

Halo The Series Full Trailer Gets A Release Date For This Sunday

Halo the series full trailer gets a release date. The story below was posted yesterday on social media. So far all we have seen of the Halo TV series is a small teaser, with barely

Halo The Series First Look Trailer Has Gamers Excited For Master Chief

Paramount+, take my money! If you haven’t subscribed to Paramount+ before or only subscribed to it for all the Star Trek shows, now Halo The Series should gather a new breed of viewers from the