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Kingsman 3: Matthew Vaughn Confirms Threequel Will End The Harry And Eggsy Story

Okay, so things may be a bit confusing for Kingsman fans. For a good while, it seemed like the next movie on the docket would be a trilogy-capping film that ended the story between Harry

Kingsman Prequel To Film Next Year Before Kingsman 3, Movie To Be A Period Drama?

Not too long ago, we got a bit of strange-sounding news. Speaking with Yahoo, Kingsman star Taron Egerton stated that he would not be returning for the next Kingsman film, but that his work in

Taron Egerton Would ‘Love’ To Return To The Kingsman Franchise To Close It Out

Recently we have heard a bit of controversy as to Taron Egerton, and whether or not he will appear in another Kingsman film. Based on what he'd said originally, our editor-in-chief speculated that the film

Wait, So Kingsman 3 WON’T Star Taron Egerton? Here’s The Deal

This is a bit of a surprising piece of news. So we know that filmmaker Matthew Vaughn is hard at work realizing a few different Kingsman projects right now -- namely Kingsman 3 and Kingsman:

Kingsman 3 Gets Release Date, Matthew Vaughn To Return To Write And Direct

It's no surprise that we'll be getting another Kingsman film. While that second one disappointed many fans, this writer included, the first one really showed the potential for the franchise, if handled correctly. But when

RUMOR: How Kingsman 3 Ties Into Another Upcoming Spin-Off Film

When last we heard from filmmaker Matthew Vaughn, he had huge plans for the Kingsman franchise. Sure, that second film, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, may not have scratched the itch as we’d hoped, but at the

Kingsman 3 Happening, Along With Two Spin-Off Films And A TV Series

Kingsman: The Secret Service is one of my favorite action films of all time. It had amazing action, a tongue-in-cheek tone, an incredible villain, and a hero I could get behind. It had all the

Kingsman 3: Director Matthew Vaughn Already Has “Plans” For The Sequel

While promoting Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Director Matthew Vaughn kept referring to his plans for Kingsman as a trilogy. Yet, months after The Golden Circle's release, we still haven't heard any intel that Kingsman 3

How Kingsman 2 Sets Up Kingsman 3 [SPOILERS]

Disclaimer: This post contains massive spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Earlier this week, we reported on a statement from Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn. To the surprise of exactly no one, he said they had

The Kingsman Universe Could Continue On After Trilogy, Says Director Matthew Vaughn

Kingsman is one of those film series that has the real potential to continue indefinitely. It’s easy enough to compare the films to James Bond, but they do a great job of really capitalizing on