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Tom Hiddleston Says It Would Be Unwise To Think Loki’s Story Is Finished

Marvel star Tom Hiddleston says it would be unwise to think Loki's story is now finished in the MCU. The comments come after previous comments from Hiddleston just after the Loki S2 finale had fans

Loki Season 2 Review – MCU’s Best Disney+ Series Yet – Brilliant!

Here is my Loki Season 2 review and truthfully this was brilliant! I thoroughly enjoyed what for me was the MCU's best Disney+ series yet. So let's get into some Spoiler Free thoughts. For a

Loki S2 Premier Hits BIG & Matt Shakman On Fantastic Four Cast | D-COG

Loki S2 Premier Hits BIG & Matt Shakman On Fantastic Four Cast | D-COG Today, Kyle discusses the big premier weekend for Loki Season 2, Matt Shakman's comments on Fantastic Four, and more. Welcome to

Loki Season 2 Won’t End On A Cliffhanger But Season 3 Still Possible

Loki Season 2 won't end on a cliffhanger says exec producer Kevin Wright, but a Season 3 is still possible. It seems there are no definitive plans for Season 3 right now. Howeverc, Wright says

Loki Season 2 Runtimes Revealed First Four Episodes

The Loki Season 2 runtimes have been revealed for the first four episodes, plus a note to watch for a post credit scene in Episode 1. Loki Season 2 premieres later today, October 5th, though

Social Media Reactions For Loki Season 2 – What Do The Critics Think?

As we normally do, today is social media embargo day for Loki and we have reactions for Loki Season 2. As per usual I will round up a selection of comments I have found online

He Who Remains Will Return In Loki Season 2 | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz, He Who Remains will return in Loki Season 2. That's actually a tad surprising given how the narrative of Season 1 played out and ended with his death. Yet,

Loki Season 2 Plot SPOILERS (Mild) Make Their Way Online | Barside Buzz

Some Loki Season 2 plot SPOILERS have made their way online in the latest Barside Buzz. Though, relatively mild SPOILERS for now, I have to warn you that's just my opinion. Therefore, decide for yourself

Loki Season 2 Reshoots For Majors Rumored In Latest Barside Buzz

Some Loki Season 2 reshoots, hinted to be for Jonathan Majors replacement, rumored by one insider. Now, the leaker in question here does not come right out and say, yes, they've re-shot Majors scenes with

Indiana Jones Movies Coming To Disney+ Alongside Loki Season 2 And Echo Release Dates

Some hot Disney+ news broke over the last 24 hours. The Indiana Jones movies are finally coming to Disney+. The Mouse also revealed release dates for Loki Season 2 and Echo. Though with Echo, there's