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Where Were Grogu Or Ahsoka During The Sequel Trilogy? Dave Filoni Hints At An Answer

In a recent interview with THR, Star Wars executive producer, writer, and now director Dave Filoni finally hints at a question fans have pondered. Where were the likes of Grogu or Ahsoka during the sequel

Jon Favreau Doesn’t Have End In Mind Yet For The Mandalorian Or The MandoVerse

According to creator and executive producer Jon Favreau, he doesn't yet have an ending in mind for The Mandalorian, nor it seems the MandoVerse as a whole. Speaking on Total Film's recent podcast Favreau was

Skeleton Crew Characters Will Not Debut In Mando Plus Movie Talk From Jon Favreau

Executive producer Jon Favreau says that Skeleton Crew characters will not debut first in Mando, Favreau also offers some movie talk in connection with the MandoVerse he is overseeing. Variety caught up with the actor/director/writer/producer

Bossk To Appear In ‘The Book Of Boba Fett’ | Exclusive Barside Buzz

Bossk is back! The Book of Boba Fett will be the next story told in the Mandoverse set to debut in December.  While there is very little known about the show's actual story, there have