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Spider-Man 3: Tom Holland Says It’s A Most Ambitious Superhero Movie

Spider-Man 3 ambitious? It won't be long before the world has another Spider-Man trilogy. Fans are excited for another web-slinging adventure. Not only because of star Ton Holland is wonderful in the role, but at

Spider-Man 3: Rumor Is Marvel Wants To Secure Tobey Maguire Before Releasing Any Footage

Back in October, a Sony executive said the studio was on track to release a teaser trailer for Spider-Man 3 sometime this December (the two previous Spidey films had teasers debut in December). However, the

Spider-Man 3: A Mysterious Sighting On The Set Of The Film

Spider-Man 3 might have to add yet another one to the guest list. Jake Gyllenhaal's stand-in was spotted on the set of the film yesterday. While this isn't any official confirmation, I think it's safe

Spider-Man 3: Check Out Tom Holland In Full Costume From Set Of The Film

As most of you geeks know, filming on the Tom Holland-led Spider-Man 3 film began a short time ago in New York. Today we have a treat in the form of an image from the

Could This Video Be An Audition For Spider-Man 3?

A lot of excitement surrounds the upcoming Spider-Man 3, which started filming today in New York City. With the addition of Doctor Strange (whose next film is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness) the

Jamie Foxx Is Reportedly In Talks To Reprise His Role As Electro In The Next Spider-Man Film

According to The Hollywood Reporter Jamie Foxx is in the final stage of talks to reprise his role as the villain Electro in the next Tom Holland Spidey film. As George Costanza once said, "Worlds

Spider-Man: Far From Home Takes Place During Summer Vacation?

"School's out for summer!"  Alice Cooper isn't the only one excited about summer vacation. The upcoming Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel, now titled Spider-Man: Far From Home has had many fans wondering why exactly Peter Parker will

First Footage From Disney XD’s New Spider-Man Series Features Peter’s Homemade Suit From Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man! Spider-Man! Everyone wants more Spider-Man! 2017 marks the fifteen year anniversary of Sam Raimi's original Spider-Man film, and will see the release of a new movie featuring the third iteration of the character in