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It’s A Wonderful Knife | Tyler MacIntyre on Turning a Classic Xmas Story into a Slasher Film

It’s a Wonderful Life is one of the most beloved Christmas family films of the season. Now we can add It’s a Wonderful Knife as a cult horror favorite for the season. It’s a Wonderful

The Dive | Maximilian Erlenwein on Remaking Breaking Surface and Underwater Filming Challenges

The Swedish/Norwegian film Breaking Surface barely came out three years ago when director Maximilian Erlenwein was approached to craft an English-language remake of the film. With its intense story of survival, Erlenwein found the sisterhood

The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster Trailer Re-imagines Frankenstein Story in Modern Urban Setting

Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein has terrified people for the past 200 years of a monster haunting its creator after re-animating him from the dead. The Angry Black Girl and Her Monster, it’s a modern re-telling in

Children of the Corn | Elena Kampouris, Kate Moyer, and Kurt Wimmer on Next Installment to the Franchise That Never Dies

The new installment of Kurt Wimmer-directed Children of the Corn, starring Elena Kampouris and Kate Moyer, is the twelfth adaptation of the Stephen King short story. The original film spawned back in 1984 resulted in

The Apology | Linus Roache Interview

Linus Roache was looking for a challenging role in many dramas he appeared in over the years. In The Apology, he found Jack Kingsley as one of the most compelling characters he portrayed on screen.

NOCEBO | Lorcan Finnegan Interview

Folk healing arts may or may not affect the body, but they certainly are on the mind. In NOCEBO, the thriller has a mysterious Filipino woman using her practice to help a woman with an

Christmas Bloody Christmas Acquired by Shudder and RLJE Films

Ahead of its world premiere at Beyond Fest, the anticipated holiday horror film Christmas Bloody Christmas was acquired by Shudder and RLJE Films, the streaming and business unit of AMC Networks. The film stars Riley

RLJE and Shudder Acquires Sci-Fi/Horror Film Kids Vs. Aliens

Ahead of the world premiere at Fantastic Fest later this month, RLJE Films, the business unit of AMC Networks and Shudder, purchased the distribution rights to the sci-fi and supernatural film Kids Vs. Aliens. The

The Reef: Stalked | Teressa Liane Interview

Sharks are the terror of the seas, as portrayed in movies. In the sequel The Reef: Stalked, starring Teressa Liane, the shark menace takes a step further as an aquatic creature that teases and display

Murder At Yellowstone City | Richard Gray Interview [Exclusive]

For Australian-born director Richard Gray, he has a tremendous love for westerns. With so much love, he built an entire western town for his film Murder At Yellowstone City. The film has an all-star cast