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Stranger Things Season 2: The First Reviews Are In!

Last year, Stranger Things quietly hit Netflix with little fanfare. Sure, we had a trailer and poster, and all the usual marketing moves from the streaming service, but they were clearly going for word of

New Stranger Things 2 Clip Teases Mike & Eleven Reunion

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEOhO6wyazo While Stranger Things may have a lot of great things going for it, the relationship between Eleven and Mike was unquestionably the beating heart of the show. In the closing minutes of Season 1,

Do The Stranger Things Trailers Show Too Much?

It’s become popular to rag on today’s trailer. In our spoiler-sensitive world, fans seem to take relish and pointing to every little thing has a spoiler. “Oh, s**t! That person has a their hair parted

Final Poster For Stranger Things 2 Recalls Spielberg Posters Of Old

Stranger Things 2 (or Stranger Things Season 2) drops on Netflix this Friday. Though we have seen a series of rad posters featuring the boys on their bikes outside Hawkins, Will standing in his doorway

Stranger Things: Creators Ross And Matt Duffer On How They Deal With The Cast Getting Older

  Today will mark one week until we can all binge Stranger Things 2. The sibling team of Ross and Matt Duffer who gave us the series that is a delicious, homecooked stew of 80s goodness

Stranger Things 2 Tease Has Old-School Commercials & Mysteries Galore! [VIDEO]

uᴉ ǝunʇ pic.twitter.com/9q1oqrJdc3 — Stranger Things (@Stranger_Things) October 20, 2017 Netflix has released yet another tease for Stranger Things 2. This comes off of nearly a full month of constant marketing for the upcoming season

Stranger Things 2 Soundtrack Now Available On Spotify & iTunes!

Stranger Things was a series that was revered for not only its fantastic story, but also for the soundtrack from Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein. Just as the show was one giant love letter of

Stranger Things 2: Lucas May Get His Own Eleven

While Stranger Things may be a horror series, it’s also very much a coming of age tale with its young cast. Last season saw Mike Wheeler and Eleven have something of a puppy love story.

Stranger Things 2 Clip: Eleven Breaks Out Of The Upside Down

Here we go! @milliebbrown introduces world exclusive, never before seen footage from @Stranger_Things 2! pic.twitter.com/ibaEkLNr9l — MCM Comic Con (@MCMComicCon) October 16, 2017 Netflix has just released its second clip of Stranger Things Season 2

Stranger Things 2 Final Trailer: It’s Judgment Day In Hawkins

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R1ZXOOLMJ8s Netflix just released a final trailer for Stranger Things 2, the continuation of the series that set the world on fire last year. Check it out above! It’s been over a year since we