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Unlike The 49ers The Marvel Disney+ Super Bowl Spot Did Not Dissapoint!

While the actual Super Bowl was entertaining for me this year, one of the biggest highlights for me was the Marvel Disney+ spot.  While it was announced a while back the lineup of shows Marvel Studios has

It Sucks The Howard The Duck Toon Is Canceled And Some Falcon And Winter Soldier Talk

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LRM RUMOR: The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Starting Up Production Again In Atlanta

Last week, Disney confirmed that they had suspended production of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in Puerto Rico due to the earthquakes. At that time, it was unclear whether or not they would continue

Daniel Bruhl Confirms That His Character Will Be Called ‘Baron’ Zemo In Falcon And Winter Soldier

Falcon and Winter Soldier is due to hit Disney+ sometime around Autumn of 2020, and it looks like it will be the first MCU show to appear on the new streaming service, though that’s not

New Falcon And Winter Soldier Set Photos Hint At U.S. Agent Plotline

We all probably know that Falcon and Winter Soldier, the first MCU show to appear on Disney+ is filming now. We know a few things about this show already, not only will Anthony Mackie and

MCU Disney+ News Round Up | No Chris Evans Cameo On Falcon And Winter Soldier, Plus The Russos Have An Eye On Moon Knight

You are probably well aware that the first forays of the MCU into the Disney+ landscape are filming now, we are even starting to get a few set photos from Falcon and Winter Soldier, though

Avengers: Endgame Writers Comment On The Falcon And Winter Soldier Series

While Marvel Studios has managed to dominate the box office, they will soon be diving into another world: the world of streaming. Disney+ is just over a week from its release, and while Marvel won’t

RUMOR: The Falcon And Winter Soldier Disney+ Series Could Feature A Viral Threat

It’s 2019, and with 2020 only featuring two Marvel movies, it’s hard not to look to the future of the franchise — the Disney+ shows. Next year, a new era will begin for Marvel Studios,

The Falcon And Winter Soldier Begins Filming Today!

Next year begins a new chapter in the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sure, you’ve had some of those TV shows that alluded to events in the films, but you never really got the

Disney+ Marvel Shows Reportedly Costing Around $25M Per Episode!

I’ll admit, when it was first revealed that Disney would be making their own streaming service, I didn’t really have high hopes that they’d actually dive into it as heavily as they have. I half-expected